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Custody and taxes in Colorado

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  • Custody and taxes in Colorado

    HI, I just discovered this forum today and I am hoping someone out there has some ideas for me. My daughter is 5 and her father and I divorced when she was 2. He is very wealthy and I am not. Not poor, but doing ok. He has always paid for private daycare and now for private school. We split custody 50/50. I get $170/mo. in CS.
    When we were divorcing she was in full time daycare and that was figured into the $170, but now that she is in school-shouldn't that amount be increased? He is the one choosing the private school, not me. And although I am glad she gets the opportunity to go to a private school, that shouldn't make a difference when it comes to cs, should it? Public school would be free (ish).
    Also, Obviously I was not thinking when we did our divorce decree and I foolishly gave him the right to claim her on his taxes every year. I did this because I thought he needed the exemption more than I did. (that is what I get for being nice) I have recently gotten married (he has not) and I think I should be able to claim her every other year. Can I get that adjusted? Or is it set in stone?
    any advice would be appreciated.
    Thanks, Cheryl

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    File for a Child Support modification. If she is your only child then use soley your income and not your new husbands. I learned last week, that at least in NJ private school is considered a "luxury" if he chooses to pay for that is should have no bearing on what you need $ wise to raise your daughter. It is a numbers game, your income/his income, what is fair for the child to receive, don't forget to ask about who is paying for college too. We now alternate the taxes yearly, it is fair deal to ask for, so try it. Depending on your "sole" income you may qualify to be rep'd in court by the county, check it out, it is worth a try! Good luck.


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      Thanks for the info, I appreciate it. I will try.


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        I think, but not positive, it is harder to go back and get it for the NCP, than it would be to have agreed on it initially. From what we just experienced in NJ, it is truly a numbers game and a matter of not pissing off the judge, which my husbands ex did, by lying, and having all sides join ours!


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