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Colorado Emancipation

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  • Colorado Emancipation

    Hi, I'm 16 years old, and I'd like to file for emancipation against my mother (I have no contact with my father, no one has herd from him for around eight years, my mother has full custody), I have a steady job, enough money coming in to get a apartment, plus enough money to support my animals and I. I was wondering what it will take to get a good emancipation case put together, I was thinking that I may need to get a metal health/age assessment or something, could someone tell me what all it would take to have a good case against my mother? (I am simply filing because she under estimates my mental age, and ability to take care of myself, I want to get out on my own, start my life for my own reasons, I am graduating high school this year, and, after I have my student loan paid, will have a college degree, I do not want to hear lectures about how I'm not old enough, I will say this before hand because I'm new to this forum and do not know how people will react to my post, on other forums, people can be quiet rude...I simply want to know how to go about this, I know I could call the court office and probably find out, but I found this forum when I was searching and decided to give it a shot...hoping for helpful info )

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    Oops, I'm sorry, I did not look at other posts before posting this, I see that there has already been a similar post recently, I don't know if I can delete this post, but no need to reply to it...


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