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    Hi I am 17, pregnant, and have diabetes type1. Since October 2005 I was placed by Los Angeles County DMH at the request of my mother to a residential treatment center. I was supposed to be dischared in December 20th upon my graduation from Highschool. Recently I have been faced with several medical problems such as having 5 Ulcers and the extraction of my gall bladder wich docters say was caused by stress. Which I think was mainly caused by the living arrangements in this facility. Before arriving to this treatment center my mother was informed they could not supply the necessary health care it would require for a pregnant diabetic, as well as the other treatment facilities affilitated with the LA County and DMH. Before being sent to the treatment center I was in my first trimester of my pregnancy and suffered a miscarriage resulting from the stress caused by the living arrange of my mother. Now after my mothers request they are now looking into pushing back my discharge date and are looking into commiting me and withholding my highschool diploma until my discharge.

    I would really appreciate if you could answer the following questions:

    1. What are the possibilities of obtaining successful emancipation process.

    2. If I where to run away to another state is it possible to get emancipated in that state if the parents have residancy that state (California)?

    3. As a run away what legal charges or consequences could be brought upon me?

    4. And is there any possibility that me being pregnant could help me out in my situation.
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