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leaving home at 16 legally? Colorado

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  • leaving home at 16 legally? Colorado

    I am currently a Senior with acedmic honors and am only 16 years old. When I graduate this year I will still be 16 years old and I am wondering if I can legally become independent and no longer a minor. In order for me to move out do I have to be emancipated? I currently hold a full time job and I am a full time student. I am dedicated on living on my own. Is this possible without going through court or do I have to get a petition to be emancipated? Thank you for your responses.

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    It depends on whether your mom allows you to leave. She can let it slide or she can report you as a runaway. Will she let you leave? Do you have a job to pay your bills? Where will you go?


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      Colorado does not have statutes for legal emancipation. However, if your parents agree, you can move out. Once you have been living on your own and solely supporting yourself, you can achieve IMPLIED emancipation. However, if your parents refuse to allow you to live on your own, there is no judicial procedure that will overrule them.
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        I do have permission to leave as soon as i graduate. I also have a part-time job paying well. I have over $2000 saved up for me to move out and once i graduate i will work full time. The biggest problem I think ill have is finding someone who would rent a 16 yr old an apartment. any suggestions?


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          Maybe since your parents won't mind you moving out, they will co sign for an apartment, provided that you pay for it yourself.


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