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  • Advice Needed California

    I am going to file divorce papers from my Wife. She left me and the kids (14 and 16 years old) on April 23, 2009 and has moved in with her new lover on Colorado.

    Mt first and foremost concern is for me to get custody of my children. This is my first marriage (and first divorce), and I am trying to do everything without a lawyer. Our house is in foreclosure and we do not have any property / pensions / insurance or any other asset of any real value.
    The only thing we have to divide is the vehicles and the house furnishings.

    Do you think basded on her just leaving the kids, that I would stand a good chance of being awarded physical custody of my children? The children have told their mother that they DO NOT want to live with her nor do they want to live Colorado with a man they do not even know.

    I'm sure she will ask for spousal support, but for our 19 years of marriage, she has worked 15 of them. She is attempting to get permanent disability due to 2 bone fusions that did not take very well. However she did continue working after she had the surgery for this.

    I'm a little scared that I will have to pay for spousal support. I need to save money to get an apartment for me and my 2 kids after we have to leave the house from the foreclosure.

    Can you please give me some advice and /or what to expect from this in a California Divorce court?

    Thank You!

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    Based on what you've said here, this does not sound like a do-it-yourself divorce. With disability issues and abandonment and her wanting spousal support, it would cost you more in the long run if you dont get an attorney. Good luck.
    I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.
    Thomas Jefferson


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