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16 and 19 year old live together? California

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  • 16 and 19 year old live together? California

    any suggestions?
    Last edited by lovingyou; 11-18-2007, 01:13 AM.

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    I'd have to say that a judge will not allow you to be emancipated from your parents to move into a new home with your 19 year old boyfriend.
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      Agree with the above. There is not a chance in the world that a 16 year old will be emancipated for this reason, and you cannot be married at your age without your parents' permission.

      This is not going to happen. No matter how much you want it.
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        If your talking about living together I will assume your already having sex! Age of consent in CA is 18 so your BF is already a sex offender. He just hasnt been caught yet


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          Originally posted by lovingyou View Post
          i know everything would be so amazing and less-stressful

          Living on your own is Stressful, ask anyone here. If you think moving out and being on your own and taking care of your own responsibilities, is going to be less-stressful, you are really naive and need to wake up back to reality.


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            Basically, you have a better chance of sitting next to Elvis on the city bus than getting a judge to emancipate you so that you and your adult boyfriend can shack up.

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              I guess you know by now, that it is not going to happen, and if your boyfriend is lucky, he can leave you now, before being found out, and going to jail for a long long time. Love him enough to keep him out of jail (if you have not had sex) and leave him NOW!!!


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