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  • ANNULMENT HELL! California

    Getting an annulment instead of a divorce is exteamely important to me because I do not want to be in any way associated with my ex given that he is tied up in illegal stuff but I am unable to prove that.

    I filed for an annulment on the grounds of fraud with the assistance of attorneys who provide free legal clinics in CA. He committed fraud because he lived in another city while we were dating and engaged and promised to move to where I live once we married. The lies are endless but for starters he never submitted the marriage license to the county, he had us purchase a house but didn't contribute a dime in spite of promises but at least he signed a form (I forget the name of it) with the lender/builder of the house that states the the house is my sole property. He has an apartment owened by his family in the city he lives in and never gave that apartment up. I also found out that he filed for bankruptcy after we were married but lied on the documents (I obtained copies) and said he was single.
    I got tired of all his lies and asked him to leave and during that time I received an email from his "girlfriend" stating that she was sleeping with him six months in to our so called marriage and was also preganant. I went and filed an annulment immediately after that but he hired an attorney and wants a divorce instead of an annullment. I can only guess given his personality and charcter that he will not admit to fraud.

    Although a court date has been set for March 2008 (that date is set to determine how to proceed with the case, as an annulment or a dissolution), I received a letter from his attorney today stating his offer to settle out of court for a dissolution/divorce but as I mentioned I do NOT want a dissolution because I do not want there to be a legal association to him at all.

    Here is my question, how do I write a "statement" to the court and what kind of documents can I provide to prove that he committed fraud. According to the attorney that helped fill out my paper work, because living together is a core part of a marriage and he lied to me in that he had no intent of committing or living in a home together, I have grounds for an annulment.

    Please help, I do not have the funds to hire an attorney. I am stuck with a mortgage and property taxes that were supposed to be paid by two people!
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    Based soley on your post it doesn't appear there is enough for an annulment. The things he did after you were married would only give you grounds for a divorce depending on state law. You should consider the offer.
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