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How do I put my husband on my 2yr-olds birth certificate? Arkansas California

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  • How do I put my husband on my 2yr-olds birth certificate? Arkansas California

    When I had my daughter 2 years ago (as a result of a sexual assualt) I did not put anyone on her certificate as her father, and also gave her the last name of the boyfriend that I had been with for the last month or so. He told me that he did not want to be on the certificate as her father, but he didnt mind if they had the same last name.
    Soon after that, we broke up and I met the man who is now my husband. I would like to put his name on her certificate and also give her his last name, because of the fact that he is a Mexican citizen, and I would like for us to be as well, but if we were to go throught the adoption process, my daughter would not be able to become a citizen, because she would not be of Mexican heritage/ or be married to a Mexican citizen.
    How would I go about putting him on her certificte and also changing her last name to his? Where should I go to do this?
    We currently live in San Francisco, CA.
    Please help

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    Have you ruled out, (with a DNA test), that your boyfriend at the time WASN'T the father? From you post I am a little confused if you were with him at the time of conception or just before birth?

    If your current husband signs the AOP and gets put on the BC without going through a legal adoption, that is fraud. If you are doing this simply to get citizenship status in Mexico that is a really stupid reason to commit a felony. Mexican jail are terrible and I am sure you wouldn't like them. American prisons are almost as bad and the food is terrible.

    If you feel that your marriage will stand the test of time have your husband adopt your child legally. But think very carefully about this....IF you were to divorce would you feel comfortable with your daughter having visitation with this man in Mexico....'Cause Mexico isn't part of the Hague Convention.
    Please Note: My "warm and fuzzy" font is not working, therefor my posts will be direct and to the point.

    Thank you in advance for your anticipated understanding.



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      I just want to point out the obvious.

      If your husband adopts your daughter (which is the only legal way his name can be entered) she will be the legal child of your husband. It grants the exact same rights and status of a biological child.

      What you are contemplating, as Bay pointed out, is fraud. Don't even consider that. Not only will you be running the risk of paternity fraud, if you want to gain Mexican citizenship/immigration, you will be running the risk of being in violation of IMMIGRATION fraud. Mexico doesn't treat illegal immigration anywhere close to as humanely as the US. (if you think the US is cruel and bad, why don't you check out some of the fact based accounts of Mexico's actions).
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        Why would you want your child to be a citizen of Mexico rather than the U.S.? I am just curious on this one.


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