My ex has a contractor boyfriend that moved in.

He has turned the dining room into a bedroom with a loft WITHOUT A PERMIT.
I contacted the city permits department and they had an inspector look at it. That gave me access to the house which she has been denying me. I took pictures and have pictures of the residence before I moved out at her request.

It's a mess! She's painted every room hideous colors. The carpeting has been ripped up in all the kids' rooms (3) and basic wood underflooring painted white.

She knows I want the house put up for sale and now it's a mess and in unsellable condition and the "new bedroom" will have to be returned to a dining room.

She is trying to de-value the home so that when she gets an appraisal, it will be lower and then she and boyfriend want to make me a low-ball offer.

She is violating the orders to not alter community property but what is my recourse?

She has also given away or disposed of somehow, many items of furniture and computers etc.