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scared and confused in Arkansas

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  • scared and confused in Arkansas

    I am a 29 yr old mother of two a 9 yr old and a 5 yr old I am from Arkansas my 9 yr old is from a previous relationship I have stood by my man in every since of the word a yr after we met we moved to another state where we married he lost job after job so I supported the house in every way most of our marriage when we moved back to ar things came to a head he started to change his habits I knew then he was cheating one day he decided we should separate and I honestly could not have been happier so now my husband and I have been separated for a yr and a half he left me for another woman in which he openly admitted and still does about a week after we separated she left him ironic isn't it after which he slept with other women now he has decided since he lost his job for sexual harassment of all things and his unemployment has run out that he desparately wants me back and now he is stalking me I had someone over to fix my car and he came up and said "if you have a problem tell me dont have anyone over here(my house)" when the mechanic left he came in my house and started searching my trash cans for condoms he called me a b and ripped my blouse when I dialed 911 he left. go figure they never came I guess my cell phone did not pick it up after which there have been other incidents like when I went to the ballpark where he was playing with our 5yr old and we drove through I saw someone from work and spoke to him my husband saw me talking to him and called me on my cell phone and told me to get him away from my car he has no business talking to you he comes by my house at night to see if I am at home he's left my son with neighbors just to come by my house one night I was gone to wm and so he called me to tell me our 5yr old had hit his head when I went inside the apartment which is a efficiency apt where the bed comes out of the wall he said our child was in the bathroom when I opened the bathroom door my son started laughing saying I'm hiding from you then I knew my husband walked up behind me and grabbed my hair and called me all kinds of names in front of our 5yr old I tried to run for the door with him still holding my hair to minimize what our child saw when I made it to the door he had locked it and jumped in front of it there is a couch beside the door I leaned against the arm he hit me repeatedly and our son watched and cried I reached behind him and unlocked the door pushed him away from the door I was free I hurried outside cause I did not want him to do any thing else when I stepped outside the door he let go I guess he did not want anyone to see what he was doing I ran to my car still hearing our son cry started my car and drove away when I backed out and began to pull off he threw a softball bat and my car I jumped out and retrieved it and still have it he won't get it back he has thrown keys at my car softballs and other things I just don't know what to do it seems I make too much money to qualify for the legal aid assistance of the county prosecutor but the funny thing is I make just enough to get by so now I am scared cause I don't know what he's going to do next and confused cause I thought abused women recieved help no matter what the income I guess if you make too much money you are just doomed to be beaten forever I have small children and I don't want to subject them to this and you know during the course of our six yr marriage he only hit me once and that was 2 months before we separated please help me [email protected]
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    First, you need to go make a police report and take your son who witnessed it with you to tell what he saw too. With all of that, you should be able to get a restraining order or no contact order. At that point, file for divorce or legal separation and seek interim orders giving you sole custody of the children with him receiving no visitation and a no contact order. Support will likely be set by the court. My advice is to do all of this immediately and preferbly at the same time. Go fill out the forms yourself and handwrite it all out if you have to to file it. The court should have some forms. is a site you can buy forms on, but you can also look at them and copy them by hand. I advise you to do all of this immediately and do it all at the same time, so he does not have time to lie and come up with something.


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