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arkansas is is need of help

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  • arkansas is is need of help

    well I had my son out of wedlock &the father has really been in & out of his life. (not Really being the father he can be) Well I got married & been with my husband for 4 years. the absent parent wants to have visitation. Well now court is done visitation is in affect but he moves to missouri then comes back home not seeing his son nor intending to get a job so that he can avoid child support ( he has another child that he sees more than my son) well he wants a decrease & at the moment I'm not working either, my unemployment is running out and his is still good for now he gets 345$ a week i was only getting 172 anyways my husband has been there for my son and since my son is 7 my husband has been there for the last 4 years my husband is all he know as a real father. and since we don't bother him he wishes to bother us (misery loves company) but i think it's not fair that he can even ask for a decrease when he doesnt do much to begin with let alone keep his viitation like he is a volunteer, parenting is a full time job and he wants benefits of sayin his is the father but none of the work. my husband wants to adopt to get the drama out of our lives because it costs so much for a lawer these days and we found out the filing cost on our rebuttle is 500$. normally that wouldnt be too bad for something else but school is gettin ready to start and well i could spend that money on something better like my family going to seaworld in texas. He should pay his lawyer fees and mine. its not fair nor does it make sense to take so much away form the child becasue of his wants ya know so i guess i wanna know what else can i do?
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