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paternity in arkansas

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  • paternity in arkansas

    When we got divorced my exhusband was ordered to pay $35 a week in child support for our 2 kids. He has been working for cash for the last 3 yrs & we will be going to court soon because I'm trying to get his child support raised according to his income. He usually doesn't make less than a $1000 a week. He told me if I won't agree to him only paying $50 a week he's going to request a paternity test for our 5 yr old daughter. We were separated for exactly 3 weeks and I found out I was pregnant the same day we got back together. He may not be her father & he's known ever since the night I found out I was pregnant. I divorced him when she was 2 & he never came to our divorce hearing. His name's on her birth certificate & the only reason he wants the paternity test now is to get out of paying child support. Since he's known for the last 6 yrs she may not be his can he have the paternity test done & if so what will happen? He's the only father she's ever known. Thanks!

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    Well the court will probably not allow the paternity test if he did not contest her parentage during the divorce, so I suggest telling him to go for it. You can tell the judge that you believe it is not in the best interest of the child to be put thru this type of trauma when he has had the opportunity to contest paternity for a long time, but did not and is doing so now only to evade child support. If the court agrees with you, then you seek increased support based on unreported income, he may look bad. So I do not think you should necessarily fear court in this instance.
    I suggest talking with local attorneys to get their take on this situation.


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      Wanted you to know that my ex had a son by his first wife. She accepted a low amount of support for a number of years, but when she found out that he made so much money she filed for an increase. It made my ex so mad that he filed for a paternity test on his 8 yr old son! It was granted, and the worst part is that it was set up to where my ex, the child, and child's mother was all having the test at the same time. I'm sure it was uncomfortable for the child. Just goes to show you that there's always a chance that the courts may allow things of this nature even though they seem wrong.


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        child support attorney

        There should be a court appointed attorney in your county at the local child support office that can help you with this situation. They will give you advice and basically handle everything for you! ~monroezmom


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