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Custodial Parent Abadonement...hopeless cause?

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  • Custodial Parent Abadonement...hopeless cause?

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    Das ist in der Doktor!

    Originally posted by [email protected] View Post
    I was wondering what the Arkansas laws were over abandonment and what exactly does it cover.

    I am not the custodial parent, but this is what is happening.

    Last year about this time the custodial parent stated that she was moving and there was nothing I could do to prevent it so I might as well go along with it, so I hired an attorney. When the court date arrived she stated that she made no remake the the event what so ever and I got the big frowny face from the judge. Now she is making the same statement once again. Her husband has already moved and they are wanting me to sign a no contestation agreement, but I just found out that she is moving before the end of the school year and is just leaving my daughter with her husband's parents, so my daughter's step-grandparents. She isn't informing me of this decision or even wanting me to find out about it. My daughter is 6 and has stated crying to me that she doesn't want to go. But her mother said that she had to stay with her in-laws "until the papers went through", what 6-year old says stuff like that, which leads me to believe that she is telling the truth. So my question is...Do I have a legal leg to stand on for abandonment on behalf of my daughter or is this just something that she can do because Arkansas tends to be biased on the whole mother situation?

    It may seem a little jaded when it comes to the legal system and I am for multipul reasons. a) the custodial parent has a relative that knows personally the judge presiding. That was brought up and dismissed.
    b) I had my daughter the majority of the first 2 years of her life, the judge discounted it stated since I wasn't married to the mother it didn't matter
    c) I brought financial records and receipts to court the judge ignored them and awarded almost the entire about that was already paid in support of my daughter as back owed child support (almost 7,000).
    d) I had before court, and before she had hired the attorney. Talked to the attorney and went over case details and then decided not to go with her, but then she went and hired her and then that attorney stated not recalling us ever meeting. And then I find out again she has personal ties to the custodial parent.
    e) The judge is personally biased against joint custody agreements and hasn't awarded the father custody in over 8 years of presiding.

    So yeah I just don't want to go back to court spend multipul thousands of dollars just to get sling shotted out the court room and ignored when I raise concerns.
    Yes, I agree, there DOES sounds like there is indeed going to be some parental abandonment issues in your daughters life, and forgive me for pointing out the obvious to the oblivious it looks like they will be coming from you.
    You may have good reason to feel jaded, but don't give your daughter any.
    Spend what you think she's worth.
    And don't think I'm judging you, I know the court can be bias as all hell sometimes, besides, someone will be coming along shortly who will be far more harsh than I.
    As to your original question, Try Googel, and I'd suggest removing your email address or your going to get more than you bargained for in the way of unsolicited advice.
    ~ Free advice is like a public defender,
    you get what you pay for. ~ drr


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      Thank you

      I'm sorry perhaps I wasn't clear, I was a bit hasty in typing everything out. I'm not abandoning I always make sure to see my daughter when I have visitation. I don't think its fair or right to have absolutely not say in being a part of my daughter's life if my daughter was to move a state or several states away. Even though every effort would be made to transverse the distance as often as possible. Nor do I believe in the right to just choose a caretaker who isn't a blood relative and is unknown to the parents. I'm just finding out about everything, so as I am sure you can imagine I'm a bit emotional. I'm just trying to figure out if I have a legal leg to stand on to keep my daughter here. There is no justifiable reason for their move other than the husband can't find a job here and isn't willing to perform in his vocation at what the rates are here. As I said they have stated they were going to do this before to no avail. I think it raises concerns more so with stability. But what do I know? If I knew I wouldn't be asking about advice and I wouldn't have been in such a rush as to put an email address as an id. lol.


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