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Visitation for a nonvisiting father Arkansas

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  • mommyof4
    Betty gave you good advice.

    However, I would like to address one issue. Their father did not STEAL the SS#. He has every legal right to have that information. He could just as easily go to the SS office and get a duplicate card.

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  • Betty3
    Your best bet is an attorney. You might contact your local legal aid society for a referral. You may be able to get a no cost or low cost attorney through them.

    Good luck.

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  • Nita Mae
    started a topic Visitation for a nonvisiting father Arkansas

    Visitation for a nonvisiting father Arkansas

    My husband and I are now divorced. There was a visitation schedule, (a schedule he set up) that he still to this day, has not abide by it. In fact, he doesn't try to come see our children at all. In the schedule, I was ordered to drive almost 40 miles to him so that he could see his children. I would make arrangements with their father to come but he would be a no show. Right after the divorce, I kept putting forth the effort to do what I was suppose to do but it posed a financial burden on me because he would have me driving all that distance and not show. I'm trying to get child support for our second child together and he has been doing everything in his power to keep from paying. He has done things like hire a lawyer at the last minute so that he can get our court dates extended and has even resulted to perjury many, many times. My ex-husband doesn't even care about seeing our children. He saw them 3 times last year. Twice in January and again at CHRISTmas. The second time I don't even count because he came specifically to stealing our childrens' social security cards to claim them on his taxes. I didn't find out until I was notified by my CPA and the IRS made him pay that money back I think.

    I have tons of proof, mostly in the form of e-mails mostly, where I am continually asking him t come see his children, begging him to make time for them, and questioning him about the no-shows. I have several text messages as well. Our 14 month old son was diagnosed with a bone disease and can't walk which is why I have to stay home with him. Our son was in the hospital a week ago and my ex-husband lied to me saying that he was on his way but never showed. He called my parents in efforts to make it seem like I wasn't giving him the location of our son(there is only 1 hospital here by the way). I told him, he just didn't show. I have witnesses with the nurses there because we were in the lab taking test and any visitors had to be let in by the staff. I had the nurse check several times to see if my ex-husband had arrived and she says she will give me a statement if one is needed. He text me that day saying he was on his bus and that it had broken down. I text him back asking for him to snap a picture of him on the bus and send it to my phone but of course he wouldn't answer back. He's telling his lawyer I refused him visitation when that isn't true. We agreed to supervised visitation because my children don't know their father and in their eyes, he is really a stranger to them. I was hoping he would abide by the visitation so that he could get to know his kids but he hasn't. I have also been concerned because my ex-husband sells life insurance policies and has asked me on several different occasion to buy our children policies. This is strange because he doesn't come see them, won't help take care of them but wants policies for them??? His house caught on fire a few months ago and I believe he set that fire himself because he has so many children by women and many of them are putting him on child support.

    I can't afford a lawyer and we are due in court soon. I guess I have to represent myself and I was wondering is there any advice or anything that I should be prepared for? I won't agree to anything but supervised visitation because he has abandoned and neglected our children for years and I flat out just don't trust him or his family who also abandoned our children. I also want to request retroactive child support for our son and was wondering if you have any advice on how to get most if not all of that as well.

    Sorry so long,

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