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unmarried with child custody issues Arkansas

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  • unmarried with child custody issues Arkansas

    My boyfriend and I have 6 month old daughter. We live in Arkansas. My entire family lives in SC. My boyfriend has treated me Horribly for 1.5 years. I've stayed with him because I've been hoping things would get better for the sake of our daughter. Its gotten worse to the point of verbal abuse and at times physical abuse as well as him threating my life if I left with our daughter. If I leave to SC can I legally take her with me. I have NOONE here in AR. Please help ASAP!

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    is he listed on the birth certificate?


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      Yes, he is listed on the birth Certificate. What if he tells me to leave? I just don't know what to do. I havnt worked because he didn't want our daughter in daycare. I've started school full time (all online classes). If I stay in AR my ONLY choice is to stay in the same home.


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        My personal advice would be to leave. But only if there is no custody agreement. Then when you get home, File a restaining order/order of protection. Wait 6 months and file for full custody.
        ****Here are the list of possible things that could backfire with that wonderful plan*********
        1. He fights the order of protection and then has you served with custody papers. You have to go back the other state to fight for custody...and you've made him very mad.
        2. HE files for custody in the original state. You don't ever get served (newspaper notification) and he gets full custody by default. He shows up on your doorstep one day with the cops and takes your child. IF you don't hand over the child, YOU go to jail.
        3. He files for visitation. He gets awarded the standard everyother weekend....You have to move back to that state and live there FOREVER so that he can have his visits. IF you don't give him visitation-you could go to jail for not following a court order.

        I'm not trying to scare you. I'm trying to warn you. #3 is sort of where I'm at right now. I'm stuck back in a state that I have no family. You should consult an atty that is familiar with your state laws. IF you can't afford one, contact legal aid or local domestic violence shelters(they have lawyers that they work with).
        There are ways to legally leave a state. Notification of the other parent etc...You can private message me and I can tell you a few more things that might help.


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