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Army Finds Troop Supply 'Getting Thin'

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    Army Finds Troop Supply 'Getting Thin'

    [email protected] (William) writes:
    "Tsam Nami" <[email protected]> wrote in message news:<[email protected]>...
    "JWB" <[email protected] actually, my e-mail is jwb3333 at excite dot com> wrote in message news:[email protected] .
    "Amy D" <[email protected]> wrote in message news:[email protected] > > Halliburton is in Bush's back pocket. Maybe you don't know any of > Halliburton's employees being captured and tortured. Or maybe they are > just dumb truckdrivers to you. But while the two I know were captured > -- one from Mississippi and one from my town of Mobile, AL Halliburton > was bickering with the government about WHO pays to try to rescue these > guys. Hamill, from Mississippi just escaped. No news yet on our local > driver. They all have families, kids. > > They are luring our truckdrivers over there with promises of $100,000+ > tax-free which is alot of money for a truckdriver. Hamill sold his > dairy farm to go over there. He's nuts, then. 100k isn't enough money. You couldn't pay me one million
    go over there. I value my life and my loved ones too much. apparantly, he (and the others who go over there for the $) feel
    about family and money than I do. Some people are easy to "lure", I guess.
    One of the few local jobs fitting my skills that I deliberately did not send a resume was one with a subcontractor supporting the Army Rangers based at Fort Lewis. They wanted a web site developer to travel with their deployments.
    His dairy farm was bankrupt. He was trying to save it. And most of the guys getting killed over there are probably making less than 20K/year. Either go or don't go, but quit your whining while you enjoy the freedom those serving provide to you.
    I'm sure many soldiers are in the army for selfless reasons. But what
    has happened in Iraq (and this is not the fault of our soldiers) has
    made us _less_ safe, and only enriched Haliburton and its

    So I'll whine about it all I want, thank you.


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