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16 years old and wanting to leave my house Alaska

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  • 16 years old and wanting to leave my house Alaska

    My frnds mother and step father arnt capable of taking care of her. Well,i think they have money to buy her stuff she needs,but they dont.Her mother wont let her get her perment so she cant get a job.She babysits and gets like 40 dollars at the most,every month and has to by stuff she needs with it. Her mom doesnt evan give her lunch money!She has two pairs of pants and like 5 shirts.She wonts to move in with a us(me and my family)Because she loves my mom more than her own and my mom and i dont now how she could do that.Any advice???

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    Maybe this site could shed some light on emancipation. I would imagine that if your friend is not emancipated, that your mother could get in trouble for giving her a place to live without her parents permission. I would recommend that you speak to a schools counselor on the living conditions of your friend. I would imagine that the parents would have to answer for not making sure that thier child eats while in school, this the school counselor can help your friend figure out. The counselor may even be able to see if your friend qualifies for free lunches. I don't think that the amount of clothes the friend has can be used against the parents legally, but I am not sure. Do you attend the same school as your friend? Please accompany her to the counselors office, and be with her when she speaks to him/her, if the counselor allows this. Please know that thier are programs out there that can help your friend get some clothes. I don't know if you have one there but if thier is a Salvation Army store, or St. Vincent De Pauls, and Goodwill stores. I am not sure of the goodwill store, but the other two offer clothes vouchers for those in need.
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