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Does my rapist have rights to our child?

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  • Does my rapist have rights to our child?

    I was raped about 4 years ago. My son is now 3. The child support agency in our town works with the welfare department in Wisconsin to help single moms out with Child support and paternity. Well, paternity was esiblished to be my rapist. There, was no police report ever made I was to scared to. I have been going though court and now my next court date decides vistation, medical, and maintence for child support. Does, my rapist have rights to vistation to our child? Along, with that information he is in prison for 2nd degree assualt to a child. Along, with what finacial help would I recieve anyhow he makes only 98 cents a day. He also, has 4 other children with 2 other women.
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    As far as child support goes...most states not all of them..will still charge a inmate for child support they may lower it to the basic minimum around 50.00
    but some states do not try to collect from inmates.

    Some state's will let the CS accrue as arrears if it can't be paid and thus making the inmate play catchup once they get out of jail.

    Is there anyway that you can get proof regarding the 2nd degree assault on a child to show the courts. Maybe they will allow supervised visitation only or revoke visitation all together.
    Remember you were too scared to speak up in the is the time to speak up on your child's behalf.

    Wish you all the best in court.
    Don't Worry Be Happy!


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      You may want to consider terminating parental rights. It is easier for you to do while he is incarcerated. I suggest that you consult an attorney local to your area to discuss.


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