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age for legal sexual relations

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  • age for legal sexual relations

    I am 16 yrs old and turn 17 in march of 2006, i am currently dating a 21 yr old guy behind my parents back because i dont want my mom to cause our relationship to be over. I have been seeing this guy for awhile and ive known him my whole life, i am searching for an answer to how old you have to be to have sexual relations with someone who is over 18. please respond back asap thanks very much, *KAYLA*

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    Well, here's what I know...

    Don't take my my word for it because I'm on the other end of the same problem, however, I believe that the age for consent in Michigan is 18, therefore illegal. Not to mention, the fact that he is over eighteen, makes it even harder worse. If someone reports any kind of sexual activity, or even something small like a patt on the butt, or something like that, he can be put away and then be tagged as a pedofile for the rest of his life. That means he would have to register he is a child offender where ever he lived until he died. You can date him, but you can not by any means jump in the sack with him. It could do some real mischief to his future. Just wait another year until you are eighteen. If he loves you and you love him, you all will wait it out which is what me and my girlfriend are trying to do. I'll be eighteen this December, and she'll be Seventeen next July, so I don't know if I can have sexual relations with her, for the simple fact that the age of sexual consent in Maryland is 16. So, I might be stuck waiting it out too. Good luck.


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      In no way do I condone your actions, however, I will give you an honest and truthful answer to your question. In Michigan, according to the Michigan Penal Code, a person may engage in sexual conduct when they reach the age of 16. Therefore, you may lawfully engage in sexual intercourse with another person at least 16 years old. Furthermore, although it is very unclear, there is no punishment for having sex for teenagers between the ages of 13 and 16.

      1. Persons at least 16 years of age may engage in sexual conduct with an individual at least 16 years of age also.

      2. Persons between the ages of 13 and 16 may engage in sexual intercourse ONLY with individuals between the ages of 13 and 16. (A few other states also allow individuals at least 13 years old to engage in sexual conduct with another person within a certain age range.)

      A few reasons why you shouldn't have sex with your boyfriend:

      1. Dating someone without your parents permission can take a bite out of your butt. Your parents have the right to delegate whom you associate with. If they feel it is necessary, for whatever reason, that you don't talk or see your boyfriend, then they may lawfully do so. They may also use any means necessary, within reason, to make sure you follow their rules.

      2. If your parents do find out, they can, and very possibly, ground you for as long as they feel necessary. They can also file a complaint with the local district attorney's office against your boyfriend and possibly file a petition for a protective order preventing your boyfriend from making any contact with you whatsoever.

      3. Sex comes with all the problems you can imagine; Sexually transmitted diseases, family and parental problems, pregnancy, you name it! Is it worth it to deal with all those problems? I guarantee you - you won't find one adult that says you're responsible enough to have sex at your age. In 20 years, would you want your daughter to have sex with another guy before she reaches the "right age?" I know I wouldn't...


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        Ok, so I was kinda wrong, but still, take heed to ACc's cautions. Take care and play it safe.


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          is this the same as when i turn 17 or is it a different story because people tell me all kinds of different things and its soo confusing so if im 17 then is it legal because you said that people 13 to 16 may engage in intercourse with ages 13-16 also, thanks for your help, and i have another question.......what is the legal age to move out without parental permission in michigan because a friend of mine said that you cant get in trouble with cops when you leave and your 17 because there supposedly is no law stating that you can or you cant. So 17 is like a grey i heard


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            See this chart and scroll down to MI; it is age 16 but there are probably other state laws that can be used against an adult for having sex with a minor


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