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Dating a minor

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  • Dating a minor


    I am concern about my little sister. She is a 15 year old high school sophomore who is dating a guy that is 21 or older. She is constantly making long distance phone calls to him and talks to him on the phone till 4 in the morning when school starts at 7. She also sneaks out with him. She comes back home with a Starbucks cup or a Taco Bell bag and I know that we don't have any of those at school. I suspect that they are having sex. She also might be pregnant cause she said she felt like vomiting. Isn't there a law that states it is illegal for a twenty something year old to date minor?

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    Statutory Rape

    Sexual intercourse between an adult and an underage person is called statutory rape. The age for statutory rape differs from state to state. In Florida, the law is that it is considered a capital felony if a person commits sexual battery (rape) or causes injury while attempting to commit rape against a person less than 12. It is considered a life felony if the perpetrator is less than 18. It is consdered sexual battery if the person is 12 years old.

    It will be considered as third-degree child abuse if a person who is 21 years old or less impregnates a person under the age of 16. If it called unlawful sexual activity if a person who is 24 years of age or younger has sexual relations with a person 16 or 17 years old.

    So, under Florida law, it would not be considered unlawful unless your sister is pregnant. If she is, it is considered as child abuse.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.
    Lillian Connell

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      I'm a minor & my boyfriend is four years older than me, is that legal???

      hello, i'm from hawaii and i have a question that i would like to ask. I'm a girl and i'm 15 years old, my boyfriend is 19 and will be turning 20 in June and i will be turning 16 in July. Is that a legal age to date? Also, if i get preagnant at this age or when i turn 16 and he is 20 will he be put into jail or can he get into any trouble? Please help me answer my question. I really need to know. Thank you.



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        So if I am 16 and my boyfriend is 23 it's unlawful? (I live in Flordia as well)
        But what does "unlawful" really mean...


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          just asking

          im 16 and my boyfriend is 18 years older than me. hes 34. we are not sure what the law can do to us. I got my moms permission to date him. my mom knows about me and my boyfriend does the law have some thing to do with it. It probaly does but can the law do something to him even dough he gots my moms permission to date me?


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            im still worried what the law can do to my boyfriend. im from califonia


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              dating a minor in jersey

              ok so im 16 but my b/f is 19... he;ll b 20 in august but i;ll be 17 in september... thats all legal right?? i live in jersey


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                I`m dating an older guy!

                Ok. I`m 14 about to be 15 on June 29th. My boyfriend jus turned 18 Febuary 24th. Is that illegal? Hes not like alot of guys. I don`t sneak out with him. And he doesn`t come see me at school. We basically have a mature relationship. Very little fighting. We haven`t had sex. We talk on the phone till 1 o`clock in the am. Or until whatever time my mom makes me get off the phone. When me and my parents fight he calls me to check on me. I was all depressed until we started talking but when he started calling me I got happy again. And hes always telling me i`m beautiful and he loves me. Is that so wrong? I mean my parents know about him too.


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                  im dating a 19 year old who will be 20 in Augest and im 15 and will be 16 in decembber we havent had sex and dont plan on it any time soon but my mom dosent know about him and i cant tell her because she will do anything that she can to get him put in jail. the thing is i dont know if i should tell her because i dont want to lose him, if i did i would go crazy without him.


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                    i really need help

                    hi my name is Rachel and i am 15 years old i live in colorado and i met a guy at a local hang out about 3 months ago we started dating and he is 18 at first i lied to him and told him that i was 16 but then we started to get seriouse in our relationship and i wanted him to know my real age cause it was killing me to lie to the guy that i was falling in love with so one day i was just tired of lying so i just told him "i love you alot and i am so sorry for doing this to you but i am not really 16 i am 15 is that a problem for you" and he said "no i love you why would it be" and i was happy and we kept on dating for another month and we became sexually active with each other and then like 5 days later he started acting different and i asked him about it and he just said how am i acting different but i didnt have an answer to that so i said never mind and then one day he just texted me that he does not want to go to jail for a girl even though he loves me alot but he said that he cannot risk that chance then i just felt used but i waited and later that night he called me and he was crying he said he was sorry and that he loved me and he wants to be with me cause i am his first love but he also does not want to go to jail for 6 year is what he thinks i dont know the law in colorado can you help me so i can be with the love of my life cause i also might be pregnant?????


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                      o.k so im 15 and my B.f is 20 we have been toegther for alomost a year on and off now and Ill be 16 august 17th and he'll be 21 they same day we are a little owrried because my MOM doesnt approve of him what so ever she would do anythign to put him away but is is leagal in vermont to date at 16 ?? PLEASE HELP WE ARE DIEING TO LET OUR SECRET OUT


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                        anyone help me

                        im a 15 year old girl and dating a 18 year old guy, we havent had sex and we both dont plan on it for a while, i live in NJ and my parents to approve of him and my mother does not want me to see him but i honestly love him and i know he loves me too. he will be 19 in september and i will be 16 in october, what does the law have to say about this?

                        please help me!!!!!


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                          Help you? You bet! I can help every one of you!

                          I have sen so many kids come on here and talk about how they really "love" their boyfriend/girlfriend, and how it's meant to last and blah blah blah. Guess what kids? There is nothing you can do to change what is gonna happen to you WHEN you get pregnant! Not one thing! Your life will be changed forever, and the first few years, depending on your age, is gonna be the roughest.

                          How are you gonna finish high school if you have a baby to take care of? How are you gonna afford to take care of the baby and yourself if you're going to school? OH! Your parents! Gotcha. Guess what? They are already having a tough time taking care of you, more than likely, and now you want them to also take care of your baby? Isn't that like VERY unreasonable?

                          Do you think your parents don't understand? Come on! They didn't just appear out of no where when you as born, they were kids too! They are trying to keep you from screwing up your lives.

                          You just remember, when you get pregnant and have a baby, that's YOUR screw up! Not your parents. So you have no right trying to blame anyone else for you wanting to get laid by the "love of your life" because quite frankly you have a very high chance of your "love of your life" hitting the road and leaving you high and dry when the baby comes out. Don't like it? Too bad, because that's life!

                          And that's how people can tell how immature you are because you are looking at the here and now, not what may be soon to come. Actions have reactions. And actions like the sex bit, that's has more problems that you can even comprehend.

                          There's nothing big and fabulous about getting laid. Once you get it, you'll look back and say "this is what I wanted for so long? You've gotta be kidding!"

                          Lillian and ElkLaw, I understand this may rub you a bit sore, but I have seen what early pregnancies do to people. I watched what it did to my sister. Now I have two neices that are going the same route as her. And since they dropped out of HS and can't hold a job, they're on welfare now! Look how fabulous the sex gig was for them!

                          Do you kids wanna be there? or do you want to have a good life? Just say no to sex, say no to drugs, say not to booze, stay in school and maybe even hit college when you graduate from HS. Life is much better in the end if you stick it out.
                          I don't believe what I write, and neither should you. Information furnished to you is for debate purposes only, be sure to verify with your own research.
                          Keep in mind that the information provided may not be worth any more than either a politician's promise or what you paid for it (nothing).
                          I also may not have been either sane or sober when I wrote it down.
                          Don't worry, be happy.

                 is a good resource!


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                            i never said i was going to have sex or already had sex with my boyfriend, and we are both on the same page with this, but i do want to date him with my parents concent and would like to know where our situation stood ligally. thank you, and if you have any advice that you dont get in the 7th grade i would be happy to hear it.


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                              okay i am 14 and this girl i know is 18. i live in the state of florida and i was wondering if it was illegal for us to date with no sex involved just kissing and stuff.


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