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?help for parents protection when 17 yr old moves out?? TX Texas

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  • ?help for parents protection when 17 yr old moves out?? TX Texas

    Is there anything to protect the parent from being sued between the 17 yr old moving out and being emancipated??
    anybody with law code for parents protection would be much appreciated! I have all the code for the child, but want some protection if the child is not living under my roof...
    OR suggestions for the "in-between".

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    Unless he is an emancipated teen your are legally accountable for him. If your that unsure dont let him move


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      Why are you allowing the child to move out?
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        He is not emancipated unless a court says he is. And if he is not emancipated by the court, then you are legally and financially responsible for him until he turns 18 or a court specifically says that you are not.
        The above answer, whatever it is, assumes that no legally binding and enforceable contract or CBA says otherwise. If it does, then the terms of the contract or CBA apply.


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          the why...or very possibly, why not

          As any story, there is always more to it
          My child is 17. She is a Jr in high school. I have not made up my mind, I just want all the info I can get to basically hand over so she can make the decision...and hope and pray (hard!!) that she makes the correct one!
          There is no abuse at home. She has it pretty good here. She is an honors student who has paid for her own car, insurance, works, is very involved in band...has always been the best kid...
          This is a VERY goal oriented person, always has been, always known exactly what she wanted to do with her life and has always made her own, highly set, goals.
          She is also at that "point" in life where hormones, teenage stupidity, pride, and all of the above are conflicting.
          Do I think she can make it? yes. BUT I had really rather she didn't...for now.
          I have 2 options here. Let her try, fail maybe, close to where I can still help. Keep the communication and relationship lines open. Or, I can fight it (which is what I really want to do) and most likely sever those lines. We are both stubborn, I know the extent she will go just to make a point and reach her goal (even if the goal is, to me, inappropriate) she will reach it.
          I had much rather her realize the problems with her decision and come to me than refuse and end up God knows where. I am trying to get info I am not sure she has thought of yet, helping her to make the decision, because if it is not her decision, her own idea, the efforts could be so bad.
          whew...ok, I would never be able to give light to this particular situation, or the whys exactly, I am not sure myself at this point...I just need cold hard facts and so far it looks like there is no way to cover our booties if she does something between point A and B...
          thank you all


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            As parents we often make decisions our "teens" often don't like. They rant rave scream yell and tell us they hate us. In a short time (soon as they want something) that is forgotten. We tell them our choice is "best for them" and they will understand later. We tell we say this because we love them. As a parent we make tough choices that are not always popular with our kids. Its part of the job


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