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alittle advise please. Delaware

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  • alittle advise please. Delaware

    hi i am a 17 year old living in Wilmington Delaware with my mother and father.

    I really dont know if this is the right area for this so please forgive me if not

    Long story short my family is having problems with a aunt and she has gotten mad and said my parents are not taking proper care of me and saying the are drug pushers. Neither are true. She is basicly trying to take me away from my parents by saying things to get back for others trying to sue her. Now from the way things might head its either agree and let her be the gaurdian or be a child for adouption. Now idk unless they have proof of he claims. (which i highly doupt but i dont always know what gos on behind closed doors so to say)

    I have a job and make between 150 -200 a week. I help with gas phone and electric. (i dont pay the full bill just money towards it)

    i been asking ppl for help and 4 outa 5 ppl said get yourself emancipated.
    I read all the standerd procedures and all. But is that nessesary that i should need to get emancipated? My parents said if they need to sign anything to help me get out of this situation they will do anything.

    So any help please let me know i dont know where to turn anymore
    (and if i made many spelling errors sorry not to good at typing)
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    There is no statute in Delaware for emancipation.


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