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16 & stuck @ home in Ohio

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  • 16 & stuck @ home in Ohio

    i am a fully-capable(of **** near anything) 16 yr old girl, trapped @ my house that i'm denying as my home. my mom has yet again taken everything from my room. (including my door) i'm left with only a bed, half of my clothes, and an alarm clock. my parents very much enjoy hurting me for every little mistake that i make (i think its because of the religious-ness... catholic) & the rents won't let me get a job... i basically don't have anything left to live for. i've got a friend that's been emancipated at my age and he's signed up for food stamps... i heard that he had to go to court, but i really want to know what the emancipation laws are for ohio.

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    The state of Ohio permits emancipation of a minor in two, and only two, circumstances, both of which require parental permission and in some cases, depending on what part of the state you are in, also permission of the court. Those two circumstances are if you are lawfully married, or if you are a member of the active armed forces.

    That is all. Outside of those two exceptions, emancipation of a minor will not happen in Ohio.

    And anticipating your next question, no, you cannot go to another state and be emancipated there. No state is going to emancipate a minor in violation of the minor's own state laws.
    The above answer, whatever it is, assumes that no legally binding and enforceable contract or CBA says otherwise. If it does, then the terms of the contract or CBA apply.


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      Nothing illegal and two things that teens value most are privacy and possessions. This is a very commonly used measure to "pursaude" that violations of some household rules wont be tolerated.
      My husband used it on his sons with pretty good results.
      I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.
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        help my niece needs some advice.

        I need some advice, my 17 year old niece in illinois, she has a 1 year old son, and lives with her mother, she recieves a ssi check for some issues and child support from her father.
        she goes to school but will have to quit due to no daycare for her son in which they do have care at her school but it cost 5.00 per week and her mother says she will not watch him nor give her 5.00 for it..(let me remind you the mother has no job and lives off this girls ssi and child support) she will not give her the money for diapers or nothing, she is mentally abusive and has been physical in the past. The nieces son's father will be paying support here shortly but she will not get that either due to the grandma getting it all. I have offered her a place to stay and help her but i can't watch my great nephew due to my work schedule. Can we get help getting her emancipated and get her money switched over to my mother as her payee she will do right by her, and her son. And what is the procedure for getting her emanicpated for a low cost or how do we do it?

        please help we are in illinois


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          It may help you to start your own thread.

          But the chances of her being emancipated without supporting herself are nil. Her mom is also not required to pay for anything that deals with her grandson.


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