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please help! Georgia

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    well is there any way i can prove that she is unfit ??
    will the court then transfer my guardianship to another.
    and will this be a long process?
    i dont have much time.


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      Call the number provided!

      They will know what to do, and take care of the situation for you.

      The longer you mess around and don't call the number the more YOU are wasting time.


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        ok thanks. im just really worried about what could happen .


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          Originally posted by DonnaSmith View Post
          ok thanks. im just really worried about what could happen .
          Is your friend's mother willing and able to take guardianship through CPS?

          If she is, she should go to CPS with you and let them know that she is willing to do what's needed to take guardianship.


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            ok yea think she is .. we havent really talked much about it.. but its possible.
            and ill try to contact cps asap.
            and please if you know anything else that can help me let me know..
            and one more thing what happens if my mom does not cooperate ?


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              Cooperate with what? You stated she has abandoned you and will not even allow communication.

              Unless there is another side to this story that should be enough for Cps to get involved and help you out.

              Whatever the situation, just call the number and talk to someone there they will know what steps need to be taken and it will go from there. You've had two perfectly good days to have called them since you feel you are running out of time. Most places like that close at 5pm and open at 8am. You can also contact the police who will likely just refer you to cps in the end.
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                ill be bakkk

                i really just need to call your right.
                okay thanks.
                ill get back on and let yall know my status.
                thanks yall
                come check


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                  ha. problem solved.

                  thanks yall after al the responses and all the other threads ive seen i know that the only choice i had was to work it out with my mom.
                  and im happy and less worried about what would happen.
                  So for all the teenagers who think that they are grown and can make it on their own they better think twice and not even do it. because i know grown people who still live with their parents.Ha, and yall little tiny 15 yr olds think u can make it. Ha funny

                  ....Learn from the best and the only people who will always support you is your family_thats al you got


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