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If not Emancipation... New York

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    Update :]

    its me again.
    I just figured id leave an update and a thank you.

    So a couple weeks after i posted the last reply, Matt decided he was going to get his permit, and move on with his life.

    Unfortunately, that never happened.
    Jack decided to take Matt's money and try to count it,
    and when he found out that matt had spent some of the 500 dollars he had,
    Jack freaked out, and called the cops,
    telling them that Matt had stolen the money from them.
    So, being the smart person that he is,
    Matt kept the reciept that he had from the bank, stating that he had withdrawn five hundred dollars.
    The cops said that Jack could either send him into emergency placement,
    or he could stay and work it out.
    Jack sent him away,
    And Matt got placed into a group home.

    Now, at the time, i was devastated.
    But ive had some time to think about everything and get my head straight,
    and ive decided that its not something to fret about.

    Its close to February, and i can wait for it :]

    Thank you for all your help,
    and for everything youve done for me.
    I think ill update on this in a little while,
    probably after his birthday.

    Thank you, once more.


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