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emanipation from parents Indiana

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  • emanipation from parents Indiana

    Hi, I need help. My niece is 14 years old she is not a troubled teen. She's not the kind of child that gets in trouble with the law. As a matter of fact she has never been in trouble for anything. I have a question to ask. Can a parent have their child emancipated from them. If so what are the guide lines for it. My niece keeps asking me what she can do to make her mom like her and to stop yelling and screaming at her. For instance last night she had asked her mother if she could spend the night at my house. I have a 14 year old daughter and they get along great. Anyway she asked her mom and her mom went off on her for that reason. They were outside in the road her mom was chasing her and called her a "*****" excuse my language on this, and my daughter was out there as well and heard what she had called my niece. My niece would have told me that her mother grounded her from coming over to my house for two weeks because she was mad because she likes it at my house. There is no yelling or fighting going on in my house. By the way we live across the street from one another. My niece cleans the house, does the dishes, and takes care of her three little sisters and brother ages 4, 2, and 10 months. Her mom is jealous of me and therefore she is punishing her daughter. She told her daughter last night that she was going to call the court house and have her emancipated. Can she do this? I told my niece if she goes through with it that she can live me. Can someone please get back with me asap.

    Thank you

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    At 14, there is no judge in any state that is going to grant emancipation.

    If abuse/neglect is occuring, CPS needs to be contacted.

    If her mother wants her to stay away from you and your family, it stands to reason that until she is 18 (and no longer dependent upon her mother's support or permission) that respecting her mother's wishes would help ease the tension.
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      No. She cannot have her daughter "emancipated."

      A little adivice, however: stay out of it. That's great that your realtionship with your daughter is better than hers. But you don't live with the child all the time. I am told all the time how well behaved my five year old is, by people who don't see him throw match box cars across the room at his brother. He IS a good child, but he's no angel. Same probably goes for this girl.

      She's a little girl. Telling her that she can "come live with you" is putting fuel on an already raging fire. It sounds like her mother was threatening her in an attempt to get her to behave. Maybe it's not the best course, but it's not your job to tell this woman how to mother her child, or that you'll do a better job.

      If the mother is abusive, call CPS. And, calling her a dirty name is not abusive. I don't like it, but it's not abuse.

      If they are just fighting a lot, that's normal.


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        Originally posted by moonflower68 View Post
        Her mom is jealous of me and therefore she is punishing her daughter.
        If this is true, then stop having contact with the daughter.

        Maybe it's not jealousy. Maybe she just doesn't like you and doesn't want you influencing her child.

        There are people I keep my children from, and it never has anything to do with jealousy.


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          The "only" state that would even consider emancipatinga 14 year ol dis California and thats reserved for Child Actors and Professional Atheletes.


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            if the mother was hitting the child- call CPS.
            However, you taking the child's side is not good. Mom could very well file a restraining order against you if you continue contact with the child after she has said stop


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