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  • Already And Only 21

    When I was 17 I met this guy named Daniel. A month into the relationship he started accusing me of being with other people. Everytime he would get mad at me he would cut himself with a knife over, and over, and over. That should have been my first hint to get away from him, but I didn't. I got pregnant by him when I was 17. While I was pregnant he would tell me all the time that the baby wasn't his. But when I turned 18 I moved in with him because, then I would always be around him so he would have no reason to accuse me. I was wrong. Weeks later he was still accusing me, along with choking me, spitting in my face, and punching me. So he nailed all the windows shut, wouldn't give me a key to the house, wouldn't let me go anywhere (not even with family), still accused me, still cut himself, and still abused me while I was pregnant. I called the cops on him, they came but they wouldn't do anything about it. Everywhere we went I walked with my head down so I wouldn't get accused of knowing or sleeping with some guy I didn't even know. I got married to him after a year of all that. Another mistake. Two months after that I had a baby boy. He was only with the baby by himself for 2 hours in a total of 3 months. I was soo tired of it all by then, that I had to leave. I didn't know how to do it though. The night that I left him I pushed him away from me because he was in my face. He called the cops on me and filed domestic violence against me. Served me papers on a Sunday, had court on that Monday. I couldn't find lawyer in that short of notice. So he got custody. I've told the jugde everything he did to me. He didn't care what I had to say. So now he has had the baby from August 2003 until who knows when. Between August 2003 and September 2003 I had to call child services on him 3 times. Child services never came. He told the jugde that he feared for him and his childs life.

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    I don't understand how did he get custody of your child?


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      So what have you done about this problem?


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        Is there a question or did you just want to tell us you story? I'm guessing that you want to know how to get your child back. Is that correct?


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          am relly sorry about u am 17 now and ur story made me so sadbut i want to tell u that u must left him from the bigining >


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            He got custody because I pushed him one day. Even though he didn't get hurt he called the cops on me. He served me papers on a Sunday, the court date was the next day. I didn't have time to get a lawyer. So they gave him custody.


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              So, what is it that you want to know? How to get your child back?
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              How do catch an ordinary rabbit?
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