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need advice on domestic violence

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  • need advice on domestic violence

    hi, im from california and my fiance has two kids from a previous relationship. His ex and i have became good friends. recently him and i had a fight and we pushed eachother to get through to a door. I told my friend(his ex) and now that they are going to court she is using this as a reason to end thier 50/50 custody of thier children by saying there is domestic violence in the houshold. any advice? Need help. am i in denial? Or is she just using this as leverage in court?

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    Maybe you never should ahve thought of her as a friend because her action seems reasonable if you ae calling it abuse, then why should she doubt you. I must remind you-- if you do not want to worry about your words coming back to bite you, talk to a minister or clergy, or your attorney. Anyone else may use it against you and you can keep your spouse from testifiying against you in certain instances, but his ex is not any of those. So be careful in the future and perhaps you can explain to the court that she misunderstood what you said and took it out of context or somethign like that.


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      Are there any police reports documenting any domestic violence between you and your husband? If not, it is her word against yours. It could all boil down to her misunderstanding what you said. If there IS domestic violence, she is justified in being concern about HER children's welfare. Also, please do not confide info. that could be used against you to anyone twhen you are not 100% sure of their intentions. Talk to your pastor, lawyer, or therapist. NOT YOUR HUSBAND'S EX-WIFE!!!


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