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Dom. Violence/ M.I.P.

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  • Dom. Violence/ M.I.P.

    I'm a 19 year old female in Michigan. Last week my boyfriend (24) and I were arguing about going to a party after a pistons game. Before anything physical, I splashed a glass of water on him and then he threw my cell phone off the balcony and it broke into many pieces. I got very angry and we started yelling loudly at eachother then, neither of us remembers who started getting physical but, we both ended up with marks and bruises. Someone in the apt. building called the cops on us and they placed us both in handcuffs. Since I was excercising my rights by not talking to the police, they told my bf that they were going to arrest me for domestic violence because, "I was not co-operating" (quote, unqoute). Once I got to jail they also charged me with an M.I.P. Neither my bf or I pressed any charges nor called the cops it was just a big misunderstanding. During my arraignment the next day the judge ordered me to have no contact with "the victim" (which he does not think he is). Do you have any advice for me?? Also, if my dom. violence charge gets dropped can they make new charges against him for contributing to a minor???

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    I do not know what M.I.P. is so you need to explain that one. As for he charges, if there are physical bruises, they can probably make a case against you even if the boyfriend does not press charges based on that alone. You offered no other explanation for the events, so this is a close case, but enough to get you convicted, so I suggest that you consult legal counsel.


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      Yes, they can charge him with contributing to the delinquency of a minor and yes, they more than likely WILL convict with minor in posession (MIP). More than likely, you may spend a weekend in jail, have court fines and costs and be placed on probation, even for a first offense.

      Your b/f on the other hand can spend up to 93 days in jail and recieve fines, costs and probation. Both of you may be ordered into counciling as well.

      Michigan has grown to be a strict state when it comes to M.I.P, contributing and DV. When a DV occurs here in Michigan, the police have to make an arrest. It isn't a local law anymore, it's a State charge and you can be prosecuted. It also means that if you have a DV on your record, you may not purchase or posess a firearm and can keep you out of many jobs.

      All I can say is lots of luck.


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