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Mental Abuse from Father growing up. Can I sue him?

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  • Mental Abuse from Father growing up. Can I sue him?

    While growing up my father mentally abused me. I was seeing an anger therapist because of it. Up until I left his house (I'm 18 1/2) he continued to tell me how I would never amount to anything, I was stupid, I would live under a bridge in box, I'm worthless. I am having trouble keeping a job, I'm always depressed, I can't even look at the future and see anything worthwhile. Help! Can I legally sue my father? I live in Ohio.

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    My advice is to go talk to a tort/personal injury attorney in Ohio. Most offer free consultation. As a practical matter, unless there is some kind of measurable abuse, and I think courts are sleptical of repressed memory claims after many fizzled cases were brought on that basis in the 1990's, I doubt there is a case. There also may be statute of limitations problems. Most laws also afford parents protection for good faith mistakes as no one is the perfect parent and there are different parenting styles. I think this is a case that would be hard to make unless there is outside evidence or physical evidence. You are an adult now, you can pursue counseling and therapy to try to get past the damage you believe was done too. That may be your best bet. But otherwise, I cannot say, but if I had to venture a guess, I would say you would not be able to sue and if you filed, the case would be dismissed either because of the statute of limitations or just a claim that is not legally cognizable.


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