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  • waiting for signature........

    FROM ALABAMA;This is my second attempt to get my abusive ex-husband to sign divorce papers. He had me to draw up papers giving up his parental I did then he changed his mind. Now I have drawn up a second set of papers that are awaiting his signature. I have not pressed charges of domestic violence, because if I did he would lose all his jobs and then be no good for child support . He has 2 other children that he has always paid child support for. He is in Law enforcement in our local area with Sheriff's Dept and various other city police. I think he has 4 to 5 jobs all total. Although a wide variety of persons knows what our situation is no one is getting in the middle. I have filed for full physical and legal custody. All he has to do is sign the papers. He has told me that I could come home now that I have made my point...I told him that I left not to make a point but to make a change. I hope to hear something next week as to if he intends to sign the papers. If he does not I will withdraw papers and file charges of domestic violence and thus re-filing for full and physical custody. If I can get him to sign off on these papers then I will get the judge to grant me it due to domestic violence. Pray for me and my daughter! Thanks , I will keep you up-dated

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    Forget the signature

    If I were you, I would file the charges of Domestic Violence while you can still breathe. There is no thinking twice. If you want child support you will get it a lot easier filing charges than the other way.
    If he has kids with another woman, so what?
    You need to think of yourself first. If you don't you risk never having a secind chance to do it.
    Trust me on this. I am a childhood and ault survivior of domestic violence. I lost my mother and my sister. I know. I have lived in the shelters and studied hard on this.
    Get an order of protection and pres charges. DON'T WAIT UNTIL IT IS TOO LATE!!!



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      I don't know about the law where you live but I know when I filed for divorce in Kansas he did not have to sign the papers he had I think it was 30-60 days to sign or contest it. If he did neither than it automatically went through. My ex never signed the papers and I was granted the divorce. The longer you wait the harder it is going to be to prove the DV. Get the divorce and get you and your child away from him. Get an order of protection for yourself as well this will help to insure that if he ever lays a hand on you again you can put him stright in jail.
      Good Luck and God Bless


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        My suggestion is to document his behavior, the mind games, any abuse during the marriage, and any verbal degradings and go in front of the judge because otherwise he will try to say you coerced him later or make something up. Going in front of the judge will shut all that stuff off and force him to sign or accept whatever the judge says.


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