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  • Need advise

    I have a close friend, who has a 15 year old daughter. My friends brother, (the 15 yr. olds uncle) who is 31, got the 15 yr. old girl pregnant. My friend (the girls father) knows about the situation and dosn't know what to do. He dosn't want his brother to go to jail, or his daughter taken away. I know how much trouble the uncle can get into, but does anyone know what kind of trouble the girls father is facing. This is a awfull situation and I'm looking for advise. Any input would be helpfull. Thanks This is in PA

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    No Trouble

    I Know You Asked For Advice....i Have A Dear Friend Going Through Something Similar Only It Is The Father Not The Uncle Any Rate....the 15 Year Old Needs Counceling And Right Won't Get Easier....the Son Of A ***** Needs To Go To Jail But If Pa Is Like Sc....he Will Walk Around With His Head Held High While Everyone Else Involved Lives As If They Were The Ones That Did Wrong...I Have No Respect For The Laws In Our Country With Regards To Victims.....once A Victim....always A Victim! Tell Her To Find Someone To Talk To And Report It As A Crime...that Is The Best Piece Of Advice I Can Share With You! Good Thoughts And Prayers Are With You!
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      Thanks Annie

      Thanks for sharing Annie, The problem with this situation is she is in love with the uncle, and sees nothing wrong with having a baby with him. I'm trying like hell to make her see what this will do to the baby, growing up with its father as its uncle and grandfather as its uncle ( I call them uncle daddy and uncle pappy) I cant beleive the guy you know isn't in jail. I have researched the heck out of this and every case I came across, the pervert got jail time. I told her if they try to get away with this, someone will call CYS on them, then they will take the baby away, put the 15 year old in foster care, and the uncle in jail. The uncle knows that the baby should be put up for adoption, for the babys sake, but she wants no parts of it. It's killing me not to make a phone call to CYS, but if I do that my marriage is probably over. More and more people are finding out, and I'm hopeing one of them will call. Her father took her in last year, after not seeing her since she was 7 months, (her mother threw her out, and she looked up her dad) and has no idea how to be a parent. He is devistated and dont know where to turn, and I'm besides myself with this situtation. Thanks for your input Annie.


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        There is no clean answer here.
        If you believe they are going to keep seeing each other, maybe they should marry so he will not have to go to jail, but in most states the parents will have to ok the marriage or a judge will have to.
        This is icky no matter how you look at it, but putting him in jail when there is a child to support who needs a parent may not be the answer either. So hopefulyl the family can come to something, maybe talk with a minister at church who can help them in this difficult situation.


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