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    I am a friend of a military member and his wife I am caught in the middle. The husband (military Member) possibly will face domestic assault charges against him. I am confused of how domestic charges are filed because in this case they are separated and the husband has filed for divorce and the wife will not sign his papers out of spite. They have only been married for a year and a half and the reason for divorce is the wife has misused the husband finiancially and he can't take it no more he just came back from IRAQ in January and came back to no money and in debt and so he wanted a divorce and filed for it on July 18. But recently he caught his wife with another man and they argued it got out of control and he hit her in the mouth not causeing too much damage. The military police are now doing a investigation and are calling it domestic assault. In this case there is no history of abuse and I know there hasn't been any abuse on the wife because a month after they got married he was sent to IRAQ and I am her best friend. She is my friend but what she has done to this man is not right. She wants to get this guy in a lot of trouble bascially she wants him to suffer thats why she won't give him a divorce. i am also the husbands friend too he knows he shouldn't have hit her but he also doesn't think he should be charged with domestic assault. He is going to anger management class but With this charge he will get kicked out of the Army because you can't carry a weapon with this kind of charge. She did not press charges and now its a week and a half since the incident. but yet my friend keeps going to her husbands job messing with him and causing trouble we are in Hawaii and his command is trying to get her off the Island ASAP. Can she still press charges, can he try to fight for a lesser charge to save his career, Will it be best if he serve her the papers ASAP as a friend what should I tell him and could the wife also get in trouble although she is not military?
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