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  • A little help

    I'm 16 years old and live in Oregon. I'm not sure if I'm the subject of abuse.

    I live with my older sister(19) my younger brother (14) and my Father. My brother is constently calling me ***** and **** and other such names, often he will even try to hit me.

    My sister is much the same. Already today, not more then 20 minuets ago did she hit me a few times. She will also often call me derogitory names.

    My father drinks alot, often he will blame me for a lot of probums at home. Though he has never hit me, he has raised his hand to me. And in the past he has threaten to beat me, or send me to crazy person hospital like I did something wrong. He often will call me stupid and such.

    I'm confused. Am I the subject of abuse? And what should I do?

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    Go talk to your school counselor, explain what is happened and ask them to refer you to some places for help. If they do not assist, I suggest seeking out a Legal Services Office or Legal Aid office to see if they can represent you. You may need to go to DCF to get foster child placement. You may be old enough to become an emancipated child and need help getting a job, etc... so you can be successful in that.
    I am not sure being in the environment you are in is healthy, and the likelihood for change does not appear positive.
    Good luck. And hopefully the school counselor or DCF can provide you with a range of alternatives.


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