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trying to help my sis

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  • trying to help my sis

    My sister has been getting abused by her husband for four years. I just found out about it a few weeks ago. She finally called the police and he is in jail...for now. They have two small children and they are living with us untill my sister can figure out what to do. My sister wants a divorce and wants to sell the house. She can not afford all the bills with him in jail, she does not know what to do. Can she sell the house and cars with out him? Is there any organizations that will help her pay the bills? We live in Missouri and I do not know what her options are. She works 80 hours a week already so she can not get another job. I have the kids alot and that is hard for them and me! Can anyone help? I do not know what to do! The children are asking where their dad is and why they can not go home. I do not know what to say to them. I am so frustrated and scared. My brother in law said he was going to kill my sister when he gets out and I am afraid he will hurt her and the kids. I am drowning in fear and cofusion here...can anyone help me!?! Any comments or advise is much appriciated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I suggest that you contact a local center for abused women to see what resources they may have. There is no easy answer here.
    On a practical note, she can get a protective order against him and also get a no visitation and no contact order regarding visitation with the kids. It sounds like she may be indigent, so maybe Legal Services or Legal Aid may be able to assist. I also suggest contacting a local bar association to see if an attorney can take the case pro bono. There may be some kind of subsidized daycare subsidy that the mother applies for.
    And if all else fails, visit the DCF office to seek eligibility for aid monetarily, food stamps, daycare, and perhaps referral of the case to the state prosecutor to represent the mother in terms of getting sole custody of the kids, a no contact order and no visitation order as to the father seeing the kids, and getting some kind of support established since she is going thru divorce and is already de facto separated.


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      Thanks for the advise. My sister did get a restraining order for herself and the children. She was also granted temporary sole custody of the children. I will tell her to call DFS and I got a number for a local organization that gives free legal assistance to abused women. I just hope she follows through with everything! Now my concern is for the kids mental health. I have done all I can do for my sister...she has to take the next steps to get out of this situation and I can not make her do that. Thank you again!!!


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