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Please somone help

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  • Please somone help

    Heres my problem: i have a 18 month old baby with my Fi of 4 years we recently moved from cali to texas. I gave up my carrer and life to be with him. The abuse he gotten very bad and his says I can leave and go back to cali but i have to fund it my self. Problem i have no money he took it all and have no idea how to get the money to go back home. Family cant help! Is there any programs that may help my sitution????

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    call safe place, to get phone number call 211, it is a help line. call


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      I understand

      I know exactly what you are going through. I'm a 24 yr. old mom of 4 (3 girls and 1 boy). I moved from Wisconsin, where all of my family and friends are, to Ohio where all of his are. The day we got down here everything got worse. The whole reason I moved with him was because he said he treated me so bad in wisconsin because he was so miserable being away from his family and if we moved he wouldn't be so angry all the time because we would be by his family again. I wanted us to be a happy family and to get along for our kids who are now 6, 5, 3, and 1. At the time we only had our older two (who were then 2 and 1). Like you said I gave up everything for him too. My nursing career, my family and friends, hell I gave up my whole life. For what to be worse than before. How ungrateful men can really be. He tells me that line about I can leave when I want, but I have to figure out with what money. But then other times he says if I try to leave he'll kill me. I haven't left yet, but I want to if I had the money I probably would. The only thing I can suggest is what I plan on doing-which is to save up money from working and using a income tax return too.


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        Miracles Happen

        I was in the same boat.
        And by a miracle of God we had to go back to my home state.

        I enlisted a plan from there.

        Many times there is a ladies shelter,
        or someone willing to help abused ladies.
        At a domestic Violence place they ahve SAFE homes and he cant find you if you go there. Get an Atty. He will need to pay support for the kids.
        That will help with you finding a place and the welfare system helps as well in your state, if there is domestic violence they will not give out information on you.
        IF you file a PFA as I did your address is kept from him. He wont be able to know where you are or the kids. he may be able to see kids depending on PFA. Meet at a mutaul place in the open like Sheets, they ahve cameras if he hits you its on tape.

        I will keep you both in my prayers.

        Natalie FREE at last.


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          Help is available, you need only ask....

          I hope this is read by many and shared with many more. Sometimes we forget the answers to our prayers may actually already be answered. I have 2 suggestions for acquiring the monies to get back home. One, i am sure that where you live, there are churches and in most cases, churches are kind enough to help when in dire financial burden and danger. First of all, contact the bus lines, train stations and airports. Get some quotes and ask about if children ride or fly free. Once you have an idea of what you need, contact your local churches, not just one, but ALL OF THEM. It is easier for churches to come up with 25.00 each to donate rather than one church try to come up with all of the money. Second, contact all local civic organizations and request the same. You may be surprised at the response you will receive. The best advice i can give is to contact a local womens shelter or crisis center and request protection for yourself and your children. Explain in detail your situation and in most cases, they can help financially. Be sure to thank everyone for their time, even if you do not get a financial committment from them. Most of these agencies are non-profit agencies and funding is hard to come by. Good luck to you and your children and may God take you safely home.


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            Try this...

            I normally don't like stooping down to the levels of others or playing "dirty pool", but how about this if you get desperate... Start socking money away every chance you get. If he sends you to the store for groceries, spend less and keep the rest. If you have charge cards, use them and save his cash. Every single penny counts. If he has left you with nothing, you might want to try doing all you can to get some back. Really, I hate this kind of outlook, but your safety is more important than your morality right now.


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              Call 1-800-799-SAFE (7233) to get referred to help in your area.
              also can check out


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                he can get help

                he can get help, I did. I have abused my wife also. There are programs out there that can help. You may not be able to help him. I suggest that you get our of harms way and you may have to have the law get involved. I am near completion of a DV group myself. It has helped me alot and if he does truly love you then it can help him and save you from more abuse. I would say you should ask him to go of his own accord, and if you do make sure someone is with you. You do not have to accept his abuse and you don't have to run away. do what you feel you have to.


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