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Abusive parents...i need advice/counsel

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  • Abusive parents...i need advice/counsel

    Ive got a set of very controlling parents. I will try and make this as short as possible... But i dont think i could prove any kind of physical abuse, although my dad has crossed that line a couple times.. and mainly they are just very controlling and are very very very mentally abusive. They constantly tell me that im no good, a jerk, etc. etc. I am 17, and turn 18 in less than 30 days, and i already have a place lined up to live in , a full time job with career opportunites ( ive made a good connection with my boss and he has already offered to make me the assistant manager when i turn 18 ) so i can pay all my own bills - and i have been doing this for some time. My parents have told me when i can work, where i can work, they will just randomly tell me i cant go to work, who i can hang out with, who i can see.. this sounds all silly as i type it but its much worse than it sounds, i dont have time to type it all. Now its Sunday nite.. and saturday my dad started yelling at me and all this stuff so i didnt come home after work. im staying at my future apartment with my friend who is already living in it. i called my mom just to let her know that i would be alright... she told me that she was gonna call the cops and have them find me and "get me some counseling"... i cant go home. but i need to go to work monday to keep my job to be able to pay rent and etc when i move out officially on august 17th... i need help... please somebody advise me....

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    What state do you live in?


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      i live in arkansas


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        Go to work. If they really do call the cops, explain the situation to them and tell them you are willing to go stay in foster care until August 17th if you have to because you cannot take the mental and sometimes physical abuse anymore, and your parents being schizophrenic in what they say and do.


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