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  • Im uneasy

    I live in illinois and 3days ago my ex and I had a big verbal altercation on the phone.We had been seeing each other on and off for 2years.He would call me when he wanted to be bothered and when he felt I bugged him he would label me a pest and a stalker.we lived in the same building so he would see me often outside walking around where we both pay rent in separate dwellings.He recently found out he is about to get evicted and he is still unemployed after being fired in feb.After all the verbal combat earlier that day,,he was very angry with me and threatened to kill me if he saw me outside,he said I ruined his day with all the calls to his phone.At about 1am in the morning he saw me outside walking from the store. He jumped out of his truck and began to chase me telling me he was gonna kill me,I fell while running, he stood over me yelling and I began to beg him not to hit me,he grabbed me as I got up to try and run off,,he then threw me to the ground,,grabbed my cell phone and began to destroy it,,,while he was doing that,,,I got up off the ground and ran in terror.He began to chase me again and when I heard him coming after me I screamed for help as loud as I could. He then got in his truck and drove off and I have not seen him since. The sherriffs came to my building looking for him two days later and Im starting to think he has done this to other women.I now have an emergency order of protection.what do you all think?

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    women's shelter!

    Get the H--- out of there! Go to a women's shelter before he comes back and really kills you! A piece of paper is not going to stop him. Too many women have been killed trying to hide behind that d--- piece of paper. Do NOT wait for him to come back! A women's shelter is the ONLY place where you are going to be protected at this point. They will hide you and your identity until other arrangments can be made. GO!!!!!


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      Contact the landlord and tell them that you need to move asap and be let out of your lease because another tenant has terrorized you. Explain you have no desire to sue anybbody, but need to get out of there for self protection. I think they should understand since this has happened on their property. Then get out. Go to a shelter, move in with other people or family. BUt cut ties to your former life and move on. And be careful.


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        Go... NOW!

        Move right now... Doesn't matter where. Even IF nothing comes of this... Do you really want to live this way, near him, always wondering what's next? Relocate and start fresh, you'll be happy you did.


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