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Domestic Violence"why does my son abuse me?'

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  • Domestic Violence"why does my son abuse me?'

    Hi my name is Allie. Im a 43 year old mother of a 28 year old son. At the age of 15 my son Anthony killed his brother Chad by cutting his throat with a hugh kitchen knife. He spent 8 years in the ky. state prision and is now living in Ohio with me and his father. Anthony has been out of jail for a little over 2 years now and has beaten me within an inch of my life once, verbally abuses me everyday especially if he has been drinking. He comes home drunk and threatens me with a knife and then turns it on himself and tells me i will have to watch him bleed to death the way i had to watch his brother bleed to death. He know's im terriblely afarid of him and i honestly believe he enjoys having me cower down to him. Theres never a night that i dont go to bed and wonder if that will be the night he cuts my throat in my sleep the way he did his brother. I have no place to go, no money to go on, for i have fibromyalgia and my doctor is in the process of trying to help me get disability, my son has no other place to go or transportation, where do i go and what can i do to get some help and most of all peace of mind. My husband doesnt get involved either way regardless of what our son says or does to me, my husband says he know's that when he becomes involved our son will leave him no choice but to kill him.... and in my heart i know he is right.....But i also know i cant take much more of this abuse from my son, he drinks, he does drugs, and being in that state of mind is when i get the worse abuse from him...........someone please lend me some kind of advice that might help....................lost,confused, and scared.

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    Go to a womens shelter and get yourself some help. You have no obligation to keep your son. Call the police to have him removed if he does not leave. He is over 18 and not welcome, and has broken several laws against you. Have him arrested and press charges. But more importantly, go to a womens shelter and get help fro yourself to start a new life.


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      writers wanted

      I am a victim of spousal abuse. It has taken me many years to learn how to deal with the many issues of spousal abuse. I felt that one way of dealing with my abuse by is writing about it. I am in the process of writing a book about domestic violence. If you have a story you want told please write and let me know.


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        Have you got help. How are you doing ?


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          My God in heaven how old was your other son? Some people are just born evil. Your remaining son is just pure evil. I have a daughter and even just having read your story broke my heart and brought me to tears. May God Bless you (and I am not even religious) I will pray for your safety everyday. If your husband has to take your sons life it will not be the worst case scenario sadly...why on earth would he ever be allowed out of prison? if you can end the life of a family member then no one else will ever be safe. I am sorry but he should have never ever been let out. I am sure you are torn because he is your child but he should not be allowed to be free...


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