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sweeping it under the rug

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  • sweeping it under the rug

    My situation is very diturbing. I left a very abusive (physically and sexually) relationship in 1999, when I found "evidence" that my children were being molested by their father.
    I was very naive! After many restraining orders (which he violated) and court dates, the children are forced to go spend summers, vacations, weekends, (and 2 out of 5 days a week) with him and they HATE it.So I hardly see them any more. Since they were born, he has never made an attempt to be an active part of their life, untill he filed for sole-custody in 2002. He is an ex-felon. I have numerous police reports on his violence. His current wife, well, she also has a record. I have NEVER been in trouble!
    I want this judgement reformed. There area so many places and people that I have talked too, just to be told "sorry". I want my children happy again.
    help them,

    To add: the children don't remember the abuse, but I do have evidence, that when researching, found that many files don't exist! So my children, from the beginning, had no chance.

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    Move, have the case transferred to the new court where you live. Go forum shopping to a place where the rulings can come out more favorably for you. No guarantee there, but something to think about. Also, you can file to modify custody and if the children are old enough they can make their views known to the ecourt.


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      thank you

      I wanted to thank you,
      I have already considered this. I wanted to know, if my
      custody judgement says nothing about me needing permission, or that I am
      to stay in this county, should I worry about kidnapping charges? I have
      been researching, and the "Judges Handbook" for this county says that they are to specify on the order and they didn't.
      THANK YOU!!!!!!!


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