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Domestic Violence Protective Order - NC

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  • Domestic Violence Protective Order - NC

    What are the consequences of a Domestic Violence Protective Order? Record? Potential Employment? I am not a parent, but was served with "Ex Parte Domestic Violence Order of Protection," hearing is scheduled for next week. It is a false claim, but accuses me of violence against a minor child that does not reside with me and whom I have no legal rights. Only see the child when one of the parents allow visits. Can I not simply agree or promise to stay out of child's life and have this dropped. I never initiate contact with child. What do I do? How serious is this? Thanks!

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    Me again....Has this happened to anyone else? Do you know of a similar situation? I could use some advice, help, support....anything. I am really in unchartered territory. Thanks!


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      This is an odd situation. If you did nothing, I suggest going to the hearing and telling the court that you did nothing wrong, wish for any order to be dissolved or dismissed because it is unnecessary. Explain you had little to no contact with the child, and when you did it was with permission and largely supervised. Explain that this is some kind of retaliation of some kind for something you are not sure what it is to be honest, and that you plan to not associate with these people in the future in light of them being the kind who bring false accusations against people for no real reason at all. I suggest that you go defend yourself and seek a dismissal/denial, so that there will not be a record of a protective order being issued against you. If it is dismissed and dissolved, you may have to explain it, but can explain it was baseless and the court record will support that.


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        Thank you for your advice. My goal is to have this dismissed, so that there is no record. How then, do I also go about having an "ex parte" taken off? This person also had an "ex parte" order filed at the same time as the order for hearing. The "plaintiff" had no basis for either order, but especially not the ex parte. I have never been to her home or her families unless accompanying the father to pick up the minor child, in which we would have been there for only minutes and never have I been inside her home. I have been inside her parents home once at their invitation. In the last almost six years I have only called her home maybe five times and that was to speak to the mother, not the minor child, about an activity or inviting her (the mother) to attend something that the child was involved. I have never made any threatening remarks or comments to anyone of any kind, least of all these people. I have never demonstrated any violent behavior. I don't own a weapon, don't fight or argue. I have never even "cussed someone out!" There is absolutely no basis for this action whatsoever. There was never a phone call made to me requesting that I cease a certain behavior or asking me to please stop anything. A phone call was never made to the father requesting informtion or asking me to stop something or stay out of the child's life. The mother has tried other means to keep me away from the minor child. She has in the past, accused me of spoiling the minor child, allowing her to have and/or do anything that she wants. She has accused me of loving the child too much. So, which is it? Do I love her, spoil her or abuse her? I am lost. I am also concerned, because I see how she manipulates and abuses the system and I am fearful that she has portrayed herself as such the victim that I won't be treated fairly. There are so many organizatons in place to assit mothers in need (whether true or not), but no organization or association to assist someone like myself that has been falsely accused. Now, I am in the position of trying to find an attorney, a good one, that I can also afford. Any more advice or suggestions will be appreciated.


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