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A 15 year old with a 35 year old Texas

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  • A 15 year old with a 35 year old Texas

    11 years ago my wife was abused by her ex over and over and she never spoke because she was in fear. I have three years with her and never knew what had happened and why she had so much fear toward him and she was always depressed and cried for no reason. They have to boys together and he has had custody for the past 4 years of both of them. Heres a little more details. Daniela was born in the US but was taken by her mother to central america. At the age of 14 the mother sent her back to the US to live with her grandfather. Her grandfather was living with his significant other and she had a nephew whos name is Luis and at that time he was 34. Luis liked Daniela and started trying to get her attention but nothing happened. When Daniela turned 15 she started a relationship with Luis who at that time was 35. No one knew about it including Luis wife and daughters. At this point Daniela starts having feelings for Luis and decides to run away with him leaving her grandpas house and leaving middle school. Luis took Daniela to a different city many miles and hours away from the only person she knew. Everything went well for both until Daniela asked about going back to school. Luis didnt want for g
    Her to go back to school and when daniela insisted he would get very mad. Daniela started to not like being alone with him and not going to school and not seeing her granpa so one day she told him she wanted to go back to live with her grandpa and luis started being possesive and hitting her. Not only that he abused her and used cocain in front of her. He would beat her up but Daniela never said a word because she was too scared. She got pregnant and had her first baby at 16. The beating stop for all the pregnacy until months after giving birth when he wanted to have sex but daniela wouldnt let him. Sa.e thing happened. Beat her up and forced her to do unwanted things. She got pregnant again at the age of 18 and had her baby at 19. When the second boy was six months old she ran away but he managed to find her and took one of the boys. He got custody 2 years later because daniela didnt have a home or a job. Now 11 years later an investigation is open but many people say hes going to get away since there is no proof of the beating the forced sex and no police reports. Can anybody help us. Has anybody ever gone through something similar?. Please help. We will not lose faith.

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    What is being investigated it s possible the statute of limitations has expired


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