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    i had a false pfa served on me yesterday my x-girlfriend lied on the whole thing. The only time i touched her was when she would cut herself two weeks ago she cut her legs 29 times with a knife this while my daughters where present. she hit me chocked me and all i did is hold her down i got my girls out of there as fast as i could. i then took her back because she agreed to get help. then 2 days ago she started hitting her self in the head with a glass candle jar because i told her i was leaving until she got help and while she was hitting her self with glass candle she said she is telling everyone i i hit her. she claimed all this crazie stuff that i throw a bed at her took her daughters piggy bank that i tried to get her to go camping so i could hurt her we had this camping trip plained for two months said i stole from my work u name she made it up. she does have a record of domistic abuse for beating up her mother and i spoke to a couple of her x-boyfriend who said shes got problems that she acted this way with them they said shes a very jealuse person she would flip out if she thought they looked at another girl. what can i do about this i cant afford an attorney

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    i am fighting this i did nothing to this girl except care love and help her, her daughter conciders me her daddy this hurts please can anyone help


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      Das ist in der Doktor!

      Originally posted by andrusmichael72 View Post
      i am fighting this i did nothing to this girl except care love and help her, her daughter conciders me her daddy this hurts please can anyone help

      I would however suggest YOU help yourself and seek professional help.
      You can’t fix what’s broken, it’s not your job. She needs more help than you can even begin to imagine and your only doing harm to yourself thinking otherwise.
      Sorry to sound so cold but,
      been there tried that.
      Sometimes it’s best to cut your losses and run before you wind up in jail for being a nice guy.
      ~ There are three kinds of people:
      There are the ones who learn by reading,
      the few who learn by observation, and then there are those who have to pee on the electric fence
      and find out for themselves.


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        Unfortunately, I agree. The best thing you can do is to get these charges cleared and get away. Clearly this person has deep emotional issues and does not mind dragging you down with her. Distance yourself while there is still time to get away relatively unscathed.


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