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he chocked me Michigan

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  • he chocked me Michigan

    IDK what to do. My step dad slamed me on the ground and started to choke me and dented my car 3 times with his fist. my mom left him and we now live in the next town i didnt call the cops cuz i figured my mom would stay with him. this has happend 4 or 5 times and my mom pulls him off me and every thing went back to normal except this time my mom was at work and my grandma with a cain was there and he started to go after her but i got his attention put back on me it was this past summer now he has turnd most of my fiends and family agenst me im lost he has a dauhter that lives with him and he started doing this to her (just not as extream) he tells her she is a b**** and he ha gotten so strickt she had to sneek out to come see me and my mom what should i do do i still have time to call the cops how do i help!!!!!!! btw i am 19 and all this happend at 19 years of age
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    Yes, you should go to the police, if for no other reason than to have it on record in case it happens again.
    I am not an attorney, and don't play one on TV. Any information given is a description only and should be verified by your attorney.


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      If you are 19 then you should consider moving out. It won't change your step father but it will remove you from the situation.


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