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prove mental abuse?

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  • prove mental abuse?

    my ex & I broke up 5 months ago. I didn't realize it while we were together until recently that he was mentally abusive and is still continuing to do so. how do you go about proving something like that? I have printed out a few text messages that show it, but that's nothing compared to the past 5yrs we were together

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    If you are broken up why do you need to prove the mental abuse?


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      because he lives only a few blocks away, continues to show up to yell at me, calls and sends texts. I would rather somehow get him to see that he is an abuser which I know is no easy task. I mentioned it to him last night and he flew off the handle again blaming me yelling obsenities. how do I go about that?


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        If you have an ex relationship with this guy, its unlikely that you trying to show him the errors of his way is going to be effective, IMHO.

        I sever all communication with him, then he cant be abusive to you.
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          I agree with Morgana. There's no way that you will be able to get him to understand that he has a problem.
          The next time he contacts you simply tell him that you do not want anymore contact. Then, if he continues to call, don't answer, don't email or text back.
          If that fails, then you might need to file for a protective order.


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