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wrongfully filed order of protection Minnesota

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  • wrongfully filed order of protection Minnesota

    my exboyfriend filed a order for protection against me. no lawyer i have spoken to has any idea how he got it granted, as he checked boxes alleging physical abuse and fear of physical imminent danger, yet his actual statement makes no allegations of physical abuse or threats of it.

    his allegations are basically that i called him a baby and a jerk for not talking to me after our breakup (verbal abuse) and some strange claim that i found his house without him telling me his address (he moved toward the end of our relationship, he told me his address and i have an an email from him proving this).

    he's always been really paranoid about his safety. he told this strange story, when we were dating, of how his exgirlfriend essentially raped him (in his words) right before their breakup. he knew the girl through his job, and the girl asked their manger if they could work separate shifts following their breakup. he has a history of being suicidal, and seeing psychiatrists.

    my ex is 6'2" and 250 lbs. i am 5'3" and 120 lbs. i have no criminal history, never even a traffic ticket. the lawyer says that any judge who sees us together is going to have a hard time believing it. my ex also took 6 months after our breakup to file this thing.

    my concern is my job. i'm currently a librarian. with this on my record, even with a dismissal, i worry for my future prospects of employment. i work with children and the general public on a daily basis. i'm terrified of what this will do to my future. i feel confident this case will be dismissed, but how much weight does a dismissal have on future employment? it still shows up in a background check, correct?

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    What shows up in a background check depends entirely on how thorough a check is done. Despite what many people believe, there is not a standard "background check" so that all employers always see exactly the same information. It may show up; it may not, depending on exactly what the potential employer asks for.

    As long as you can satisfactorily explain the situation, even if it should show up it should not to a great deal of harm, if any, to employment situations. Just explain exactly what you told us here.
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