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Child sex abuse audio confirmed present to court 3/16/09 Illinois

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  • Child sex abuse audio confirmed present to court 3/16/09 Illinois

    I told the Judge as the Respondent in my divorce, that I have an audio created by the Petitioner of her condoning and encouraging sexual behavior between our minor child an a male adult family member. The Judge said it was ok to send the audio recording to a forensic company. The court approved Forensic Audio Laboratory, as you may know this cost a lot. Analyzing the audio, Noise Filtering and Sound Dynamic processing was completed as of 03/06/07. As Pro Se I had to learn how to present the detail sexual abuse of my children on this Forensic Audio in court. I didn’t appear in court on 09/01/07 and the Judge awarded her my two children. To have a company transcribe the 26 min audio would cost over $3000. I found two legal court reporters over the internet that was willing to transcribe the forensic audio. It is confirmed in both transcripts my wife allowed our minor child to watch sexual behavior between two adult females, our minor child watch their mother having sexual behavior with two male adults, condoned and encouraged the sexual engagement of our minor child with an adult male family member. Last Monday I filed a Modification of Custody Petition as the Plaintiff and Pro Se,. I attached to Petition as Exhibit A & B the two transcripts each 7 pages, Exhibit C refers to the Order of Protection #02 D 09359 Respondent filed on 06/10/02 on page 2 of 5 line J. States. “May 30, 2002 4:30 AM at 7653 S. Kingston. Husband woke me up, yelling and cursing at me, hitting me upside the head and in the back of my head with his fist, putting a scratch across my right eye. He claims is has a video tape of me having sex with a man in his bed. There’s no live footage of this! Just voices of me talking and playing with the children!” The Affidavit I listed from A thru K detailing to the court the sexual events to our two minor children located in the Exhibits A & B. My voice is heard at the start of the audio entering my home, greeting my children and 5 min later leaving out the back door with my mother. Our two minor children dressed in their underwear only ready for bed are home alone with their mother who is fresh out the shower in a wet bath towel. .We arrived at Concentra Medical Clinic at 11:00 PM 05/29/02 (Exhibit D). The Affidavit refers to adults playing a game of hiding in the closest with minor children while I am still at home. Also points out and directs the court to the transcript for 15 min while my ex is clearly heard having sex with two male adults, as my son ask can he watch, three adults one female are so very high on drug one adult male has falling on the floor in my home waving a gun, my son ask him “are you gone kill me” Twice they identify themselves as Police Officers; during the 15 min adult male name Tom “I’m a Policeman” adult male “when I get up I’m gone to kill all of yall, you crack head *****” adult female “ I’m a police officer, I do not play, I’m a police officer every day” Ex wife “when you finish I want you to F ‘’K me in my ***” 5 yr old son “can I watch mommy” In a certified letter, I sent copies of all the documents file in court along with Motion and Notice of Hearing to my ex wife. I will begin the Forensic Audio to court this Monday at 9:30AM. I have questions;

    1. My ex has already told me she is not coming to court! What will the Judge do?
    2. As Pro Se how do I being charges against the Police Offices.
    a. Will the court make her tell who they are, I can ID the family member?
    b. Will the Judge have the State Attorney take this case over?
    3. How long will it take for me to get my children back and what is the process?
    My e-mail address has changed if you want to contact me, let me know how to contact you!
    Last edited by the_one; 03-25-2009, 10:53 AM. Reason: The court is waiting for her and the police want them in jail.

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    Child sex abuse audio court case rescheduled

    Judge was not in today case reset for March 25, 2009 (:30AM. Ex-wife was not there, the Judge I saw did not know about the case, but I did a good job in presenting my case. Sending out the Order of continuance by certified mail today. I talked to my son last night, his mother was beside him. He knows what she did, I told him and his sister the truth.
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      I recommend you delete all personal informatoin from your post for your own protection.
      Company names and the Judge's name are not needed nor is your court case number.
      I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.
      Thomas Jefferson


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        Originally posted by Morgana View Post
        I recommend you delete all personal informatoin from your post for your own protection.
        Company names and the Judge's name are not needed nor is your court case number.
        I have reported this poster. Poster has been banned several times from 3 sites, including this one for posting personal info and graphic details of the alleged abuse.


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          My children will be safe soon!!!

          I appeared in court today with all of my exhibits and the forensic audio. The Judge remeber me saying “this happen about 6 or 7 year ago right!” I show the Judge my Notice of Motion and the proof I sent her a certified mail Notice of Hearing. The court gave her 21 days to respondent to my Modification of Custody. Finally today I meet with a Detective from the Office OF Professional Standards to sign an affidavit against the Chicago Police, he verified everything, from who did the transcripts and even the audio I sent him a copy of. They want to know who the name 5 Chicago Police Officers on the audio doing this. Next court date May 19, 2009 Thank God I can stop crying now!!!!


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            They are starting to listen now Thank GOD!!

            I was really depress after my meeting with the police officer from OPS. It started with him reading me this document that it is punishable by law to wrongfully make false allegations against any law enforcement officer and having me sign it. He had 2 or 3 highlights on the transcript I did saying “I didn’t hear any of this stuff about the police!” I told him I didn’t care! He said why did you tell her “you didn’t know where the person was at that made this transcript, I think he might he is dead, you lied to her” My transcript of the audio looks very professional, I became my children, I could see, hear and feel everything as they did each second! When I finished it, the person I used to be was dead! What I was transcribing was so unbelievable, I couldn’t say I did it! He said “are you a professional transcriptase, how can you say that is the sound of a gun being ****ed!” I’ve being in the Army, I know the sound of an automatic pistol being charged!” My son said as I was putting him to bed that night after he gave me the video camera “mommies friend pointed a gun at me, made me kiss his privacy!” After I got the forensic audio, I heard it! I’ve listened to this audio over a thousands time, this is my home, my children I know what should be and not! He said “you can not record a person without them knowing about it.” I said they knew a recording device was in the same room, she had it in her hand singing into it as they all was came out of hiding. If that wasn’t a hint they should have asked her! He said “why didn’t you tell the detective about the police being on the audio when you gave it to DCFS them back in 2003?” I did hear it then! I didn’t say this, but I report sexual child abuse back then. They didn’t believe that was on the audio, they would have lock me up if I had said that then! He said “why are you saying they are Chicago Police” She told me they were, I hear them say they were police officers twice and a policemen in a unmark car detain me before I enter my home! Why are you reporting it now? Because I could not say that until I had a second transcript that confirmed it. Then he said “she just copied down what you sent her” I said so you calling her a lair? He got mad an said “you not going to be yelling at me, this meeting is over, you want to withdraw your complaint” No! That was it, I gave him a copy of that audio and he said he was going to get it transcribe. He did even gave me anything for the audio I gave him he said he would inventory it and call me! I’m glad he said that, I just hurt that cause I feel he should have filled out the inventory and gave me a copy when I gave him the audio. Like I told him I’m going for custody of my children as to what crime they did is up to the court and who should go to jail. I haven’t talked to my children in over a month, I stop calling them 4 month ago nobody picks up when I do! The last call I got was from my now 12 year old son. He was calling to tell me, his sister is in a cast with a broken wrist she was playing in the ally and then the phone went dead. Nothing I can do but pray!!!!


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              I will give you the same advice that I, and others, have given you when you have posted under other names:

              Please, for your sake and your childrens' sakes- Get some counseling.


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