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Civil Protection Order and custody rights

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  • Civil Protection Order and custody rights

    I am the primary custodial parent divorced approx. 3 years now (we were separated for one year prior to divorce--during which time ex got kids every other weekend if convenient for him). Originally, Ex had standard visitation every other weekend. Both kids and I have a protection order against him. First one was domestic violence which took away all his parental rights and removed all forms of contact between he and the three of us. We recently consented to agree on a civil protection order which stands for five years. The order allows for supervised visits (short visits 2x a week) and 1 phone call per day at a specific time (to kids' cell) limited to 5-10 minutes and talk regarding school. Anyhow, the court mandated a counseling program which will last several weeks. After proof of successful completion of program, the supervised visits will be removed and he will be able to have visits with kids every other weekend---but still no other contact aside from the agreed upon phone call daily. There are many other requirements in the order outside of no contact with me and no additional contact with kids, etc. etc. need to go into all the seedy details. Once the counseling program is over, we are to revert back to the standard divorce decree visitation schedule of every other weekend, specific holidays, etc. I became engaged and kids/I are making plans to move to Georgia. From what I've read and discussed with others, it seems as though I just follow the court procedures of filing an Intent to Relocate form.

    My questions are:
    Do I just revert back to "normal" divorce procedures and file the intent to relocate? I filed previously in hopes of moving 2/14/09. These new developments require that the kids be here for the supervised visits until he completes his program.

    Given the CPO, do I assume that the intent to relocate form is still good even though my move date will have to be pushed back until the end of March?

    Is there any way that I would be unable to move even though he has not filed anything in response to the intent to relocate form?

    How do the specifics of CPO effect my ability to move?

    Other than paying money I don't have to consult with a lawyer (AGAIN), who can I go to---or where can I go to find the information I need. The kids and I want to get excited about setting a wedding and move date, but I'm very hesitant because I just don't know if there is some way my ex can keep this all from happening. If there is a way, he will surely find it and make it happen. We just can't seem to get free of his control.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

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    You don't write which state you live in. Each state's law is different. I suggest asking the county clerk where you can get free legal help or getting yourself a lawyer again.


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