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False Domestic Battery charges

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  • False Domestic Battery charges

    We got married recently and my spouse, I never knew that she was an alcoholic. One day she drank and she was trying to get my attention and since I did not as I was busy working from home, she tried to contact her ex and was trying to irritate me. (Also, she knew that this marriage was not going on very well as she moved from another state and she did not like this place, nor she liked the job. So, she was almost everyday wanting to move back and all kinds of things she used to do. Infact, we knew each other just for few months before we got married and on her side she had 2 kids and I had 2 kids and were trying to blend the family. My step daughter on the other hand is kind of mentally not grown well and she is very violent and also hits her own mother and father. She also never gets along with many people and she has always had problems in school also).

    On the other hand, she locked the door and was talking. I have seen her talk to her ex and she would say that she is communicating in regard to her other child who lives with him. So, I grabbed the phone and in turn she grabbed it back from me and it hit her forehead. There was no bleeding or anything. We infact said sorry and we made up.

    But, by this time, she had contacted her ex and told him that I hit her as she was already with 4 glasses of wine (a full bottle). So, he got mad and he called his daughter who was coming back from school and she came home and she is a 200 pound girl and she started hitting me and throwing things at me. I got inside the bedroom and locked myself and she broke the door with the shoe rack and made holes and all the things were thrown about everywhere. I got scared and I ran out of the house by this time she called the COPS on me. I was scared and ran to Voices for protection order and they said that you need to go to the COPS. I went to the COPS and the officer who was at home talking to my spouse and my SD, told the COPS, that she did not see anything and then she informed the COPS that I was the one who threw things. But, the COPS did not find anything on my SD as she was not hurt. So, for them it was confusing but the things were thrown about.

    So, at the PD when I went to file the complaint, they arrested me. I had to serve one day in jail and then came out. When this case was going on, after exactly a month just the day after thanksgiving, my spouse and my SD tried to fight with my daughter. They locked me out of the basement and I was scared and I called 911 as two of my children who came for visitation were stuck inside. I panicked and called the COPS. By, then my spouse has taken both of my kids and opened the front door and sent them out, where as she and her daughter locked themselves inside the house. (Later my spouse told, that I was trying to separate you from my daughter and your kids from my daughter), which again I know it was a lie. and I ran to the front door from my backyard and my children were crying and they were standing on the road and I ran to them. By, then the cops were already on their way and when they came they took my daughters information and my wife when the police asked what happened, since she knew that they were already on their way, hit herself and told the COPS that I hit her, as she again later on said to me saying that I did not want to go to Jail, and why did you call the COPS.

    I said, well I panicked and I called, and I did not do it intentionally. So, now I have two domestic battery charges on me and I am not sure what to do with it as I am innocent and I never did anything. The first time her ex was wanting to take revenge and he wanted to call the COPS on me, even though we forgot about it, but he used his daughter to get me in. The second time my wife itself has lied to the authorities as she was arguing and was about to assault my daughter.

    I have not done in both the incidents nothing and now she has left the state also. On the other hand she is telling me that she will send a letter to my lawyer or the State's attorney for lieing and she will get it notorized and send it to my attorney. My attorney said, I am not sure how it is going to help. I am not sure how far she will be doing it, as she knows that she will be arrested if she is in the state. Now, she lives in another state and I live here and I have not even received a traffic violation so far. I have always respected the law and lived and abided by it, but I am not sure what is going to happen.

    Please advice.

    thanks in advance
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