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lifes got alot of problems that can be confusing Part 2 New York

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  • lifes got alot of problems that can be confusing Part 2 New York

    Well I need to finish my story on my problem. As i have pre stated in my first entry, I had a confrontation with my biological father Jack in which he found the need to be physically violent. to this day i have no understanding as to why he found that need but either way it is a story of the past and i am still in the process of getting past the resentment that i have for him. There will always be a part of me that will despise him for his actions and his ideals.

    Part of me wants to tell every one that the only way to get passed a problem like this is to just to forget about it and to move on. But, this is easier said than done. At the time of this unfortunate event, I felt as though I might be able to settle my differences with the man and I could finally get to know the man that brought me into this world. Even though he has done things that aren't all that great he is still human, does that excuse his behavior?, probably not, but in any event i shouldn't be the guy to get involved with him any more. The main thing that I have tried to do recently is to just forget. It works sometimes but its hard because it seems to follow you every where you go. Something is always there to through it back at you and make you remember what happened.

    another side of me says that i should hate this man for everything that its worth but in the end its not worth anything in the end. Sometimes i want to just go to his house and tell him everything that i could think of that would portray the way i think of him. the only thing that that would accomplish is adding more hate to my life. im done hating people, im done trying to make everyone like me, all i want to do is live happily with my rugrat.

    my birthday is comeing up and on that day i will be turning 18. it my intention and the intention of my rugrats family that i move in with them at this age. i do like the idea of having a home that people actually want me at but the thing is that ive lived so long with out it that it just seems that i dont want to piggy back off of them for anything past high school or maybe a little past that. my idea is to get my own appartment and to live on my own until i can afford to marry my rugrat. even though all of these events have come to pass, in the end if i had the chance to do it all over again i wouldn't change a thing for fear of never meeting my rugrat, and not having the same results.

    a message to all those who seem to be going through tough times:
    think of all the good things that you have now and think about if you would have gotten those things and if you could ever live with out them.
    I definitly know that i could never live with out my rugrat
    matt m.

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    First, please do not begin different threads on the same subject. It gets too confusing to try to understand what you are asking.

    I cannot find any legal questions at all in your 2 posts. I'm sorry, but this is a site that is for people who have legal questions that they need help with. This is not a blog site, it is just for questions. I'm sure if you Google, you can find some blog sites to post on.


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